Happy Homemaker: Fast and Fresh Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fast and Fresh Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook

Sometimes I like to sit down and read a good e-book. Sometimes it's nice to enjoy a delicious new recipe. When the two collide it makes for an exciting adventure for my whole household and one we almost always enjoy. My experience with the Fast and Fresh Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook was no exception.
I really love this cookbook. I was expecting to see 150 of the same recipes that seem to make it into EVERY healthy eating cookbook, whether it's vegetarian, anti-inflammatory, gluten free, clean eating, or whatever. What I got was 150 recipes that are not only simple, but delicious too! I have issues with knee swelling and post workout muscle pain and this cookbook has been so helpful! I am most excited to try the Super Sesame Chicken Noodles, but have already tried and got a huge thumbs up from the family for the Mighty Herb Pork Meatballs, the Latino Black Bean Stew, and Egg and Mixed Bean Salad.
The introduction to this cookbook was well written and perfect for someone like me who has never tried eating Anti-Inflammatory before. It explains the ins and outs of anti-inflammatory eating and why to do it, how to do it, and even gives a seven day meal plan to get you started right. I loved that it was broken down into breakfast, brunch, lunch, entrees by meat (beef, poultry, fish etc), sides, and salads. It made it easy to choose a meal based on time of day. All of the recipes were big on flavor, but easy to make and used simple ingredients that most can find in their kitchen on the average day. The easy measurement diagram in the back of the cookbook was an added bonus. (because sometimes I need the help figuring it out!)
I would have loved if there were more pictures of recipes in the book, but overall it was well written, the recipes have been amazing so far, and the simplicity behind it was perfect for a beginner like me, but the recipes fit for someone more experienced in eating anti-inflammatory meals. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone dealing with inflammation or looking to eat healthy over all. I am super glad I was given this book for free to review. So...Where can you find this book? Just click here: **I was given this e-book free for review.All opinions are solely my own.** #lassellepress a8d8ebdfcae3f1f16231bf7900289b22dc5ebd63ed3597c223