Happy Homemaker: How Well Do You HEAR?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How Well Do You HEAR?

 So my speakers on my lap top absolutely SUCK. In the biggest of ways-no joke. I can turn on my music, put it all the way up and still struggle to hear it. I mean for real-are lap tops meant to be so hard to hear? If they are, they aren't anymore! I was given the opportunity to try this awesome little tool called Hear on my computer and am so glad I did! It is amazing! It is a simple download that works from the very time you put it on your Mac or PC. I couldn't believe the improvement in sound simply by adding this program to my laptop. I am one of those people who likes to experiment-so this program is great for me. I have played with a lot of the settings and have so much more I can find out with this sound enhancer. I love it!

 My music is more clear and definitely louder/easier to hear. I can actually hear everything I want to from my youtube videos to music and movies. I love how easy it is to use. I just turn on my music, click on Hear to open it and it instantly enhances every sound. I really like the default settings, but I also enjoy playing with the manual option as well. It doesn't matter what kind of music I am listening to-Hear perfectly enhances it every time and with all the features it makes it easy to control my music the way I want to. I feel like it is personalized to my desires. I can't get enough of my music now that I can hear it on my computer.

 If I want to add more bass, I can (plus-it has it's own subwoofer-woot woot!) If I want to tone it back I can or if I want it softer I can control that too. It puts me in control of my computer, my music, my entertainment. I can't wait to use this with my friends here-we can listen to our favorite Pandora music stations and actually HEAR them! Hear is exactly what my lap top has needed and I absolutely love this program, how easy it is to use, and how effective it is!  


 Product Description:

3D Sound

Do you like movies? Like them even more with virtual cinema quality sound experience. Sound will approach you from all angles, even from behind. Hear is the best option for you as it provides better sound quality for your mac and pc.


Perfect and improve the sound quality on your computer with Hear's studio quality N-band equalizer with built-in peak limiter. You've got complete control.

Speaker Correction

Control speaker resonance to increase frequency range and enhance sound.

Center Channel Control

Control the volume and width of the sound coming from your own virtual center-stage for performance-grade audio effects. A concert in your house.

Virtual Subwoofer

No Sub? No problem. Let Hear use your existing speakers to boost your bass. Don't you need more thump in your life?


Fine tune reverb to emulate any venue from phone booth to concert hall. Either way, it's music to your ears.

Fidelity control

Music the way it was meant to be heard. Restore frequency, coloring and intensity lost during the recording process. Put more "hi" in your "fi". Your Sound + Music Better Hear is sound enhancement software for the Mac and PC. Hear improves the sound quality from your headphones, internal or external speakers. Hear can also add 3D sound and other various special effects to the sound on your Mac and PC. Improve the sound from iTunes and make your music, movies, games or any other application sound amazing. Hear also gives you the ability to customize the sound to your preference with a 10 to 96-band equalizer for your Mac or PC. Once you try Hear you won't be able to go without it.

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*I was given Hear free for my honest opinion. I am in no way being compensated for my review and will not share a product with my readers that I can not/do not stand behind. *