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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Alpha Garcinia Cambogia

 Just a quick note about this product-if you are already fit and a healthy weight, this really isn't the product for you. Not because it doesn't burn fat or work, but it will increase your appetite simply because it also helps increase metabolism which those that are a healthy weight tend to already have a good steady metabolism so this just magnifies that. It isn't that it doesn't suppress hunger, it's that it raises your metabolism and really kicks it into high gear. That being said, those same attributes about Alpha Garcinia Cambogia are to an advantage to an obese person as myself. I am not light by any means. My once 135 pound, petite size 6 is now a lofty 202 pound, pudgy size 14. This however, since taking the Alpha is a grand improvement on the 225 pound size 18-20 I was just two months ago.

 Within days of using this product I started seeing results. My appetite was down, my energy was high, and I started to sleep like a baby. I recently started working out again and I find my ability to push through is also much higher than before taking this supplement. I love that I am able to push so hard and that I also can get through the day without feeling like I need a nap or large expresso just to make it through the last few hours of the day. Another thing I noticed immediately with this product was it's ability to suppress my hunger. I have felt so much less hungry and am eating smaller portion sizes. I also have been snacking less which is great because I have a 70lb goal on top of the 20 or so I've lost in the last couple of months.

 It really helps me to control what I'm putting in my mouth because I am not as hungry all the time so I'm not reaching for the chocolates or easy foods like chips or cookies as often, if at all. I can't say I have felt it increase my metabolism, but I can't say that it hasn't. With as much activity as I have been able to participate in and also the smaller portions/healthier foods I've been eating it is hard to prove one way or another that it has increased my metabolism, but I would have to assume with the energy I have been given, my metabolism is likely working much harder than it was before. I have been so happy with my results so far. To be down 20+ pounds and two/three clothing sizes is exciting! I can't wait to see how much more progress I make and how great I look I feel in another few months after taking Alpha Garcinia Cambogia.  

  Product Description:

100% Alpha Garcinia Cambogia Extract Garcinia Cambogia is extract from the South East Asian fruit Garcinia Gummi-Gatta, part of the tamarind family. It is an all natural extract shown to suppress your appetite, burn fat while maintaining your lean muscle mass, and increase fat loss 3 times more than diet and exercise alone. Garcinia Cambogia has also been proven to increase serotonin levels and has all of these positive effects without negative side effects.

What Does Garcinia Do? If your body does not use carbohydrates as energy, they are converted into fat and stored in the body as fat cells. Alpha Garcinia Cambogia stops the enzymes in your body from turning carbohydrates into these fat cells. It also assists your body in converting fat into glycogen, a readily available source of energy for your body to use. Other positive benefits of Garcinia are increased serotonin levels which can positively affect many aspects of the users lives including mood, sleep, and satiety.

What Sets Alpha Garcinia Cambogia Apart From The Rest? Each capsule in Alpha Garcinia Cambogia is 1000MG of Garcinia Cambogia, compared to only 500MG in competitors capsules. This means you only need to take one capsule per dose and get double the effect per capsule. This makes taking Alpha Garcinia Cambogia a pleasure and increases the effects dramatically when compared to other low quality competitors on the market. 100% Pure Alpha Garcinia Cambogia Extract Featuring The Dr. Oz Recommended 50% HCA and Calcium and Potassium for Optimum Efficiency.

 Clinically Proven To Supress Appetite, Block Fat From Metabolizing, Increases Fat Loss by 3 Times More Than Diet And Exercise Alone, and Promotes Healthy Serotonin Levels And Energy Made In The USA In An FDA Approved Facility, Help Support A US Based Company Who Puts Their Customers First. Features 60, 1000mg Capsules, Most Competitors Only Have 500mg This Requires You To Take Double The Amount Of Capsules Per Serving. Proven To Be An All Natural, Completely Safe and Effective Weight Loss Supplement, Non Stimulating.

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  *I am in no way a medical professional, just a mom looking to lose some extra pounds, get fit, and share it with all her readers. One should contact their doctor before trying any new supplement. I was given a bottle of Alpha Garcinia Cambogia for my honest opinion. I am in no way being compensated for my review. *