Happy Homemaker: Whirl A Style Extender and Ponytail Elastics

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Whirl A Style Extender and Ponytail Elastics

The Whirl-A-Style ponytail extender is one of the coolest things I have ever used...I have the one and a half inch pink extender and can not believe how many things can be done with it. It makes side ponies and adding volume to any ponytail super easy. I especially love the side pony, but with the pony tail extender the sky is the limit! It allows your pony tail to have so much volume, that with a few bobby pins you can achieve any number of hair styles from high buns, to top knots and high braids.

I am not very good with doing my hair, so when I first saw the Pony Tail Elastics and Extender my eyes glazed over a little. Then I looked at the picture instructions and panic hit me. I am very good at making the simplest of hair styles wrong, or hard to accomplish with my ineptness when it comes to hair, especially styling it. I then decided to give it a shot-what could it hurt? They are supposed to be easy to use and make the "perfect", damage free pony every time, so what was there to lose? I found out rather quickly-there was Nothing to lose and so much to Gain! First of all, the pony tail elastics are super easy to use. The instructions say to wrap the elastic around the hair then secure the clasp, but when done right (and also shown in their videos) it is just as easy to clasp it before hand and put it in the hair much like a normal pony tail. My hair is thicker, so it only needed wrapped twice and it fits snug, but not so tight that the much dreaded "pony ache" ensues. (you know-that nasty headache obtained by wearing a pony tail too tightly??) It looks super adorable too. I have used it both with the enhancer and by itself and it holds my hair tight and offers all day style. Because it is so secure it creates a great base for creating other hair styles as well because it keeps my pins from falling out due to lose hair etc.

 Then there's the Extender. It is so simple, my daughter (6) can use it. Just take a small bit of hair, put it through the opening in the extender, wrap it to go back into the pony, then bobby pin it down. Couldn't be any easier than that! While I did find my shorter hair sticks up in it some if I accidentally get it in there (see pic below), I also found it creates a great amount of volume in my pony tail and gives it a new, fun look. I can leave it as a plain pony or use the volume to create a myriad of looks. I absolutely love the lift and extra umph it offers as well. I am extremely happy with this product and definitely recommend giving it a try. Check out more info below and check out the website!

   Here is a photo of me using the Whirl-A-Style Enhancer-next time I think I will go higher! (forgive the hair sticking up-I used a piece of hair that was too short...oops)    

Product Description:
Our Belgium asked us to design a product that would make the ponytail beautiful, fun and exciting by giving height and volume to the ponytail. After several years of research we developed this patented and trademarked ponytail product. The design gives as much height and dimension as you want while holding and staying in the hair even if dancing the night away. The Whirl-a-Style Ponytail Voluminizer and Extender comes in 3 sizes-- 1 Inch, 2 Inch, and 3 Inch. The Fashion Obsessed line is made of polyethelene material and comes in several colors. The Haute Ponytail Extender and Voluminzer is made from fabric and comes in 2 patterns: Leopard and Zebra. In response to a request from one of our Dutch distributors, the Ponytail Extender was created -- giving the ponytail prominence, sophistication and volume. You can achieve gorgeous ponytails and cause heads to turn just like the stunning ponytails that catch one’s eye on runways and in fashion magazines. The Ponytail Extender is made in two materials: polypropylene (Fashion Obsessed Line) and fashion fabric (Haute Collection). There are 3 different sizes: 1.5 inch, 2 inches, or 3 inches. The size you want depends on how much extension and/or volume you want to add to your ponytail.

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