Happy Homemaker: Brain Fitness Shell Game

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Brain Fitness Shell Game


I really enjoy playing Think Fun games, and I know my children do too. The Shell Game is no exception. It is a game that my daughter can play by herself without it being too hard, yet I can just as easily play it without feeling like it is too easy. It really keeps our mind moving and supports concentration. I have found when my daughter is having a hard time concentrating, letting her take a break to play this game helps a lot in the long run. Her attention span and concentration greatly improve after she takes the time to play for a while, and it is fun for her.

 The further into the game, the harder the puzzles are and the harder it is to solve making it challenging and causing one to really concentrate to solve it. Some puzzles I found I could solve easier than others, and found that a few my daughter was even better at than I was. We actually "upped the stakes" a little since it is a single player game and set it up on a puzzle then timed each person (my daughter, husband, and me) and saw who could solve it the fastest and make the least mistakes. We scored it by points and had a blast with it! It was fun seeing how fast we could solve a puzzle and how well we remembered where each piece was and correctly follow each path to put the crabs and stones where they were supposed to go.

The pieces to the game are cute and make a lot of sense in design (crabs, rocks, and shells) I like the spiral bound design of the puzzles so they are easy to change and choose from, plus it can be played just about anywhere! This game would actually be a great road trip game for kids (or adults) to pass the time during the long drive. Just use a tray and you won't have to worry about losing any pieces. It was great that both my daughter and my husband and I liked playing this game and it has been a great addition to our game collection.

 Product Description:
  • Fun exercise for your brain!
  • Improves Memory
  • Builds logic skills
  • A fun twist on a classic play pattern!
  • Includes: Spiral-bound Challenge Booklet with 60 challenges from Beginner to Expert, 6 Sea Shells, 6 Hermit Crabs, 3 Ocean Stones
The goal is not to deceive, but rather to improve your memory and logic skills so that you can win. Getting a correct solution may seem like luck, but you’ll smile knowing that it’s a good dose of brain power!
8 to adult
single player
  • 60 Spiral-bound Challenges
  • 6 Sea Shells
  • 6 Hermit Crabs
  • 3 Ocean Stones
  • Instructions & Solutions
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  Brain Fitness Shell Game  

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