Happy Homemaker: Amazing Facts About Astronauts

Friday, November 7, 2014

Amazing Facts About Astronauts

While this book has some grammatical errors, it is a great book for younger kids, say 4-8 or so. My six year old was easily able to read this book by herself and the facts were good and very interesting. The pictures were nothing extra special, but fortunately, we worry more about what our kids are reading than the quality of pictures they are looking at. Despite, the pictures are a mixture of photographs and clip art like pictures and my kids seemed to find them interesting no matter what quality they were.

While reading the facts, my kids had a grand time pretending to be astronauts and coming up with things they would do if they were one. This was a great book to introduce my children to astronauts and spend some quality time with them as well. We used it for a supplement one day and we had a blast with it. We learned a lot about astronauts and even who the first astronauts to the moon were. This is a great book for younger children and young readers.

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Little Lady ( littleladyplays.blogspot.com ) Wrote :

" Amazing Facts about Astronauts is all about, yes you got is, Astronauts. The book starts off with a brief history of how Astronauts go there name. Little do they know that it has its roots dated back to the Greeks. Then again so does most of the planets so I guess this makes sense. After the kids have a brief understanding, the book talks about what it teaks to become an Austronaut. Here is where the book gets really different. It talks about people like Sally Ride and Mae Jemis. I know when I was learning all we talked about was Neil Armstrong. Of course this book got to him later on, but I have many space books and few mentioned the others. This really gets kids talking and questioning. After the amazing history and introduction to these amazing Astronauts, they list some fun facts for kids. The best was the Astronaut communicating from space to family and friends home on earth. The ending of the book is amazing. It tells the kids some of the jobs that they might not be aware of like a command pilot. This really gets kids asking and wanting to learn more. This book is great. After reading Amazing Facts about Astronauts, there is a lot of questions that kids will come up with. Some will want to know more about the first Astronauts while others are more curious as to what other foods besides great cannot be eaten in space. What every your kids take away from this, they will go out and explore more. I really love how the ending sums up how to get the job. With 1000 hours of command pilot and a special college degree, your child might become an Astronaut to. Becoming an Austronaut is only part of the job. Exploring space is the fun. There are lots of planets and all but so far, we have only been to the moon. Don't get me wrong, this is a huge step for mankind. That is why I will be introducing a book all about the moon to you"

Blessed Mom (http://blessedmamasblurbs.blogspot.com) Wrote :

"This book is great. Growing up, I wanted to go to space, so that meant I would have to be an astronaut. They are some pretty amazing people. This book contains some awesome photos of astronauts and what they do in space. There are some facts in this book that interest me a lot. For example, I did not know that astronauts grow while in space and that their spines stretch. Sounds like that has to hurt. This is another great read and I know my daughter will love reading it herself. (When she does, I will be sure to come back and edit my post with her thoughts.) As a mom, I rate this 5 out of 5 " Did you know that “Astro” comes from a Greek word that means “star.” “naut” comes from the word “Nautes” which means “sailor.” In this book your kid will learn a lot about Astronauts. The book includes great pictures ti read and see.

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