Happy Homemaker: Sari Foods Spirulina

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sari Foods Spirulina

Dialine_145mm x 230mm

Sari Foods Spirulina Powder looks much like organic matcha green tea-but alas, it does not taste like it. It's purpose, in fact is quite different. Spirulina is known as the ultimate multivitamin, meant to help strengthen the immune system and fight aging and free radicals. It can be used in so many ways from beauty tricks and "secrets" to breads and drinks. It's benefits, though "few" are great and well worth adding it to one's diet. I have added my 100% Pure Organic Spirulina to many things from home made facial masks to an actual Spirulina bread and also added it to juices and smoothies as well. Unlike Matcha tea, Spirulina is not overwhelming in flavor and while an added benefit is extra energy, it's biggest use is boosting the immune system.

Since adding this to my diet and even facial care, I have seen some great results. This fall has been the healthiest fall I have ever had thus far. We were sick a lot this spring and summer until I discovered Spirulina and started adding it to our meals and baked goods, even sometimes our drinks. Since that first time giving it to my family I have seen a huge change. My kids and I have been healthy most of the fall, usually our worst time of year for illness, especially when the weather changes the way it has this year. With that healthiness has come a degree of energy we generally do not have during the fall. While I can not attest to the truth of the claim it fights cancer, I can hope it does since there is a larger chance of me getting it due to family history etc. I will do anything to fight Cancer-including add Spirulina to my daily diet.

Along with adding it to my diet, I have also found a great weekly mask I use that included spirulina in it (found on Pinterest! ) that has really gone a long way to make my skin clearer and healthier than before. The best part is it is super gentle on my sensitive skin. My skin is left looking bright and clear and the longer I use it the more youthful my skin looks. It is perfect for skin care, and for drinking or eating to keep skin, hair, and eyes healthy with a powder that packs more beta carotene than carrots. Able to be added to just about any food or drink, spirulina is great for those who suffer from poor diet or stress and those who tend to get sick often or need a boost in their immune system.

With more than 60% protein and packed with iron, calcium, magnesium (important for the capture of iron and calcium in the system), beta carotene and so much more, this powder is the ultimate multivitamin and perfect for anyone who needs a boost of their immune system, fight the effects of pollution, stress, or poor diet, or who need a great source of vitamins and minerals to pamper and care for their bodies and systems.

 Product Description: Our Organic Spirulina Is IMMUNO-MAZING! The rich, dense green color gives us away - we're nutrient-packed! You can add Organic Spirulina to your favorite smoothies, juices and recipes for a nutritional boost your body will love you for. See the attached product sheet for even more organic spirulina benefits. We will also send you a free recipe book with the promotion so you can try out many different ways to incorpate this ultimate superfood into your diet! Adding Spirulina to your diet will help: STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Organic Spirulina is the most nutrient dense food known to humankind and works miracles in the body by helping to balance your pH and reduce Inflammation - which is the root of most disease. This nutritional content provides protection from colds, flus, other contractable illnesses… & even cancer. FIGHT AGING & FREE RADICALS. This miracle superfood has more antioxidant activity than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables and 3900% more beta carotene than carrots, packing a powerful antioxidant punch that promotes skin health and cell regeneration while providing protection from cell-damaging molecules absorbed by the body through pollution, poor diet, injury, or stress. OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH WITH NATURE’S MOST PERFECT MULTIVITAMIN. With over 100 naturally occurring and bioavailable vitamins & nutrients, Organic Spirulina contains more than 60% protein and is a non-synthetic source of iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, beta-carotine, B12, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, antioxidants and essential amino acids (GLA, Omega 3, 6 & 9's).    

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