Happy Homemaker: Digital Pro Pocket Scale

Friday, October 24, 2014

Digital Pro Pocket Scale


 The Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale is perfect for so many things! Weighing mail, jewelry, meat, and veggies-it makes every "chore" simpler and easy to do. It is perfect for someone like me who is trying to eat better servings and regulate food more. It can weight up to 500 grams (or just over a pound) and it goes in increments of .01 grams making it easy to know exactly what each thing weighs and helping calculate costs based on weight.

 I love that it offers the options to change the weighing measurements between grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights, grains, and carats. I can weigh anything from my jewelry (gold/silver) to my mail to calculate postage and foods from grains to meats with ease. It makes keeping track of food costs while grocery shopping easy and it gives more accurate weights than the hanging scales offered in many stores (I can't really say about the newer digital scales). The Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale is also great at keeping my servings balanced and baking more accurate as cooking by weight is more accurate than by amount.

 A couple of features to note before I stop ranting and raving about how wonderful this scale is, are the non-skid foot holds, the two covers provided, and the size. The bottom of this scale features non skid padding that keeps the scale from slipping and skidding on any surface. It stays put and I haven't had any issues with it sliding around at all while weighing anything. It also comes with two provided covers. One goes over the scale itself and the other covers the whole console itself. I like this because the one cover fully protects the scale when not in use and when weighing a larger item. (in size, not necessarily weight) I like the second cover because it only covers the actual scale itself and it keeps the scale clean and if something leaks onto it the cover can be easily cleaned and then replaced back on. The greatest part of this scale is it's size. It fits comfortably in my purse and can be taken anywhere. I love using this while shopping and also at the post office so I can get an accurate weight on parcels and know what my postage is going to cost.

This is a great scale and a must have for anyone trying to lose weight, who weighs a lot of jewelry or mail. It is also great for the home cook or someone who bakes a lot or wants to weigh by grams/ounces opposed to baking by cups etc. It is also a great way to know how much is being put into one's mouth and keep one accountable for what is eaten. I use it to help me keep my food journal accurate and have really started to see results. A great tool to keep in one's purse, office, or kitchen.


Product Description: ave you been looking for the perfect on-the-go pocket scale? One that is lightweight, accurate, and reliable? Look no further – the Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Scale with its sleek and portable design is exactly what you have been looking for! Advanced! Tired of inaccurate weight readings? Ready for an upgrade? The Smart Weigh scale features the highest grade precision with the latest technology. Weigh Master! This scale will help you accomplish a wide variety of weighing needs. It will do so accurately and to perfection! Style! Features a unique and simple design with its stainless steel 3.94” x 3.7” platform. It is easy to operate by using the four sleek chrome buttons.
  • Features - the top500 is strong, accurate, fast, and user-friendly; will work great for any of your mailing, jewelry, reloading, and cooking needs Functions - this scale can double up as a postal scale; the pcs function gives you an accurate count and the hold function will lock weight readings Design - features a clear LCD screen lit by a bright blue backlight; will display readings in g, OZ, OZT, dwt, GN, and CT Precision - manufactured with high precision sensors to provide the most accurate weight readings; weighs up to 500 grams in 0.01 Increments Includes - 2 AAA batteries with a two minute auto shut off feature; the tare function will provide a net weight
  Where to Purchase:
   Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display, Tare, Hold and PCS Features 500 x 0.01g (2 Lids Included)      

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