Happy Homemaker: Bread for Adversity

Friday, October 31, 2014

Bread for Adversity


 I am usually very wary of Daily Devotional books because often times they are soft and only say nice, encouraging things. They rarely encourage change or offer thought provoking thoughts. Bread for Adversity 30 Days Fuel for Faith is not like that at all. Just 89 pages, this book is thought provoking and convicting. It begins with a prayer and then a poem-which also seems to be a supplication and then it dives into Day 1.

There is something profound in the words "Everything has a voice, but to hear Him means knowing what you are listening for." and that is how the devotional begins. It continues to explain the importance of listening for God and then gives a new thought and a promise. After the devotional, it also gives a short list of related verses (or thoughts) that fit the theme. Each day is written the same way and is written to encourage us in our walk with God and also urge us to live better and within the love and promises of God. It also pushes us to witness and pray for others, take refuge in Christ, ban anxiety from our lives, hold to God's promises, and so much more!

 It is a thirty day devotional filled with values to live by, God's promises, and prayers to offer up to God. Instead of offering a "New Thought" for every devotional, this book even offers a "Speak your Change" thought that pushes you to verbally acknowledge what God wants from you and what you should do in your life. It also has a Profession and a New Confession that really touches about every part of our Christian lives. This book also has an extra devotional at the end (I assume for those 31 day months) that talks about Power Filled Words. Because this devotional offers deeper devotions than most, this is a book that can be read through once a month and a new realization come to light. This makes it an ever moving book and one that continues to bless, convict, and encourage one in their Christian walk.

I love that it has related verses (topics) in it so if you want to study further you can and having a promise of God to look at each day is wonderful as well! It is a blessing each day to grow in my walk and be reminded that while I am unworthy of God's love in my own eyes, in his eyes I am worthy of all-even eternal life in Heaven one day. Over all this was a great read and I encourage anyone looking for a great devotional book to give this a read.


Product Description:

Eat Now and Be Inspired!

Discover new fuel to push you past the storm.

The bread of adversity is life's meal to ensure you've got the strength to survive. Eat and be measured strong enough to weather the test; Steady enough to stand with faith. You're looking for desserts, how about the meal on your plate? You've studied, You've prayed Now Finish the day strong and eat.

˃˃˃ Fuel Your Faith for the Challenges of Tomorrow

You've had yesterday's sermon. You're living a testament of the miracle that made it. Your last instruction is to GO! Storms may arise, Questions may come without answer. Yet faith is in you. You've heard the message. You've had the meal. Now it's time to put it to work. In your hand is the unfailing truth of God's promise, He's with you He's with you at the breaking of the bread. He's with you in tears passing the wine. There's no more need to be somber, Rejoice! Everything you've seen, Every Challenge you've faced, Now's the time to use it to Change Tomorrow.

˃˃˃ Be Strong and Courageous

The worst is past. He's given you enough food for the journey. Before you set sail there are two more gifts. The Promise and A Reminder. He believes in you. He Said you could. Remember your history. The prayers, the studying, the answers, Your life with Him is in You. You can make it through the test. The only question is. Are you willing to push? Use your hard fought faith, your hard won fuel, to push past the darkest corner into the sweetest taste of victory. Your dessert is waiting.

Take some encouragement and grab a copy today.


Author Biography:

Richard L. Toney is an African American poet, writer, and inspirational speaker. A growing and emerging voice teaching and leading many to hear and follow their passions spiritually. Equipping them to see God's voice in the everyday moments of life. Beyond traditional beliefs and established religious boundaries he searches the Word to center his words, his writings, on the relationship of God with man and man's desire for God in himself. As a speaker and ordained minister, he offers insights and lessons with one thought - Life is only difficult if you forget. God's calling. It's your choice whether you answer

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