Happy Homemaker: Vita Nut Milk Bag

Monday, September 15, 2014

Vita Nut Milk Bag


 I really love this Nut Milk Bag. I have used a few others that advertise themselves as the best and they have come up short. The Vita Nut MIlk Bag on the other hand has really well sewn seams that are easy to clean out and don't feel flimsy or like it'll fall apart after only a few uses. I was able to easily make smoothies pulp free using this bag after blending (since I don't have a juicer) and also was able to make nut milk and I am looking forward to using it to make fresh apple juice and apple cider this fall. This bag is also great if you want to make your own juice from fruits such as berries or citrus fruits-just squeeze the fruit inside the bag and the juice will go into the pitcher while the seeds and leftovers stay in the bag.

The bag is also super easy to clean. I usually just rinse it out in the sink an let it air dry. I occasionally use soap when cleaning it because it does retain a little bit of the veggie color even when washed, and I'm impressed with the fact it doesn't retain the soap flavor or any suds in the mesh left over. The mesh for this bag was much better than with other bags as it was thicker and more durable. The only set back with that is straining did take a little bit longer than with other bags or a metal strainer, but it was worth the wait for sure. My almond milk came out perfectly, my smoothies were completely lump free, and it made making delicious juices a breeze. This is definitely a great nut milk bag to keep handy in the kitchen drawer or cabinet.

     d479559df87c109ce4b9786bdb9694fbd7fd347e Product Description:
  • Save Time, Get Better Yield & Less Waste with No Stretching or Tearing! Our Nut Milk Bag is Made with a Premium, Tight Weave, Fine 200 Micron Monofilament Mesh. This Durable, High Quality Material Is Perfect for Squeezing Without Tearing or Ripping the Bag. This Means Less Waste and Smoother, Better Tasting Nut Milks, Juices, Yogurts and Cold Brew Coffee That You Only Have To Filter Once.
  • Less Waste With Our Rounded Bottom Bags. Flat Bottom Bags Means Milk Shoots Out Sideways Through Each Corner, Creating Waste and Mess! Corners Also Form Holes, Which Lets Pulp Through, Causing Frustration and Waste. You Don't Have to Worry About That With Vita Nut Milk Bag's Rounded Bottom and Premium Double Stitching. Rounded Bottoms Mean No Pulp is Left Behind Cleaning, so Your Bags Stay Sanitary for Longer.
  • No Cheap Plastic or Elastic Openings Means Healthier Drinks! Our Convenient, Durable Drawstring Creates Easy Filtering and Drying. This is Perfect For Unattended Straining and Sprouting, Saving You Time and Energy. Just Hang, and Walk Away! Use the Drawstring to Hang or Stand Up the Bag for Quick, Complete Drying. This Means No Mold Like Get With Other Bags, and Healthier Nut Milks, Juices, Yogurts, and Cold Brew Coffee for You & Your Family.
  • Easiest Pouring and Straining of Any Nut Milk Bag. Large Opening Fits Over Most Containers and Glass Jars. This Makes it Better, Easier, Faster, and More Convenient Than a Cheesecloth.
  • Get Pulp Free Results That You Only Have to Filter Once - Saves You Time & Money. Our 12" x 10" Size and Easy to Cinch Drawstring Means Your Nut Milk or Juice Does Not Ooze Out of the Top Like With Other, Smaller Strainer Bags. This is the Best Size For Large or Small Batches, Reducing Your Overall Prep and Cleaning Time.
The Secret to Pulp Free Nut Milks and Juices, Without the Mess, Lumps, Frustration, Waste and Tearing You Get With Cheesecloths or Cheap Nut Milks Bags! Make Healthy, Deliciously Smooth Almond Milk, Nut Milks, Cold Brew Coffee and Juices While Saving Time and Money with Your Premium, 12" x 10" Vita Nut Milk Bag. - You Only Have to Filter Once. Ultra Fine, High Quality Reusable Mesh Bag Means No Pulp Gets Through. - Make More Milk from Your Almond Milk Recipe! Tight Weave and Heavy Duty Fabric Mean You Can Squeeze More Milk Out. No More Waste, and Drier Pulp! - No Holes, Tearing or Clogging Like You Get With Cheaply Constructed Bags You Have to Keep Replacing. Our Premium, Double Enforced Outer Stitching Lasts Longer and Works Better than Other Bags. - No Dirty Residue. Durable, Tight Weave Means No Pulp Left Behind After Washing. Your Bag Stays Sanitary for the Healthiest Drinks, Sprouts and Yogurt Possible. - No Moldy Bags. Elastic Top Bags Dry Flat After Washing, Making Them Susceptible to Mold. Vita's Enforced Drawstring Makes Drying Quick, Complete, and More Sanitary. FREE BONUS - Recipe E-Book with Nut Milk and Juicing Recipes specially designed for use with the Vita Nut Milk Bag.  

 Where to Purchase: Best Nut Milk Bag - Reusable 12" x 10" Quality Fine Mesh Strainer For Almond Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, Juice, Vitamix Juicing, Sprouting & Greek Yogurt. Round Bottom & Tight Weave Mean Less Waste & Easy Cleaning. Made to Last Stitching. Money Back Guarantee. Bonus Recipe E-Book.    

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