Happy Homemaker: NightFood Nutrition Bars

Monday, September 8, 2014

NightFood Nutrition Bars

 Many of us get them, those nagging late night hunger pangs--the kind that can happen at any time. Either we wake to desire food or we stay up late and need a little midnight snack. But all those midnight snacks have to go somewhere, and as much as we hope, it isn't all through out digestive system, but often to our belly, hips, arms...well-you get the point. So what can we do? Is there a way to still get those munchies taken care of while avoiding that spare tire around the tummy and eating healthy? Why yes, yes there is! And it is the NightFood Nutritional bars! These bars taste absolutely amazing. They are cookies n' cream flavored (called Cookies n' Dreams) They are the perfect size for a decent snack and packed with protein so they are filling. Now, I was super skeptical that these bars would do anything by way of making me sleepy or help me sleep better, but I decided to give them a try anyways. And boy, was I so wrong! Within a few minutes of eating one of these bars one night I was feeling drowsy and relaxed. I was ready for a great nights sleep-and I had one! I didn't just fall asleep easily, I stayed asleep all night and woke up refreshed. It worked better than the best melatonin I have ever taken. I slept well and my late night craving was satisfied all with one little nutrition bar. While I don't eat one of these a night, they are definitely great for the occasional late night snack before bed, especially when I know I have a lot to do the next day and need some really good sleep. These bars get a two thumbs up from me and I definitely recommend giving them a try if you are typically a late night snacker or have a hard time getting asleep or staying asleep.
 Product Description:
  • Satisfies After-Dinner Cravings on Fewer Calories
  • Keeps Your Diet on Track
  • Supports Better Sleep
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No Hydrogenated Oils
Nighttime cravings...if you're like most people, you wrestle with cravings after dinner on a regular basis. Up until now, there have only been 2 options: 1. Give in to your cravings, stuff your face with cookies, chips, or ice cream...and, live with the weight, disrupted sleep, and the guilt that those things bring 2. Suck it up and reach for the carrot sticks or rice cakes, and feel unfulfilled and deprived. Now, nighttime snackers go from having ZERO options to having the perfect option: NightFood. Formulated to satisfy cravings on fewer calories and a healthier profile, while supporting better sleep, NightFood is the delicious after-dinner snack that allows you to feel satisfied without the guilt and the extra calories. Don't let nighttime cravings derail your diet. NightFood can help you lose weight, or maintain your weight, satisfying your cravings on fewer calories. NightFood is also formulated to support better sleep.
   Where to Purchase:
 NightFood Nutrition Bar, Cookies N' Cream , 6-Count      

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