Happy Homemaker: IGOZEN Fruit/Vegetable Wash

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

IGOZEN Fruit/Vegetable Wash

 IGOZEN Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner is the best alternative to simply soaking fruits/veggies in water. It is organic and works extremely well. I use it on all of my fruits and veggies before eating them, because face it, it's hard to know what's on our products anymore-even the ones that claim organic. IGOZEN is chemical free and 100% safe to ingest. It has no scent or flavor and doesn't leave an form of after taste or funny flavor like some chemical cleaners do.
I love this product for more than it's organic/edible status. It gets my veggies way cleaner than plain water ever has. It also is shown to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria found on fruits and veggies, so I know after I use this on my food we have  nothing to worry about.  Something else to use is how eco friendly this company and it's products are. When you purchase the starter kit you receive a reusable spray bottle and six refills of the powder. The powder comes in a reusable box. It actually is magnetic and made multi-purpose to hold a pen and notebook on the fridge making it super easy to reuse and an eco friendly way to recycle the packaging. The bottles are completely reusable so you won't need to replace them each time you purchase. If you are lucky they *might* ( I make no promise) send a couple extra spray tops to turn your empty bottles into an easy reusable bottle. (did we say eco-friendly yet??)
IGOZEN prides itself on being Green and eco friendly and a safe way to clean your fruits and veggies-and even your home (they also have a natural  home cleaner spray). If you are looking for a great eco friendly company or safe way to get your fruits/veggies cleaner, IGOZEN is definitely the way to go. They are Green, and their products are organic and safe to use around pets or children and leave no after taste or smell. They are my new favorite spray provider and I plan to continue giving them my business for years to come.

Product Description:
In order to be healthy, we are advised to consume more fruit and vegetables. However, these days there is a great deal of concern over pesticide residue found on most produce. Many fruit wash products are available, but none of them compare to iGOZEN’s Organic Fruit and Vegetable Wash. This all-natural fruit wash will ensure that all traces of dirt and pesticides are removed from produce prior to consumption, leaving them tasting the way nature intended them to.
Using this product as an organic vegetable wash as well as an organic fruit wash is perfectly safe, because it contains no ingredients that are harmful or that will cause your produce to taste unpleasant. It has also been shown to remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria from food while also being completely odorless. Unlike many other products that are labelled as organic veggie wash, iGOZEN’s cleaners are the most affordable option on the market; costing less than 5 cents a day to use. This is a small price to pay when it comes to providing safe produce for your family.
iGOZEN is a patented organic food wash powder made from seashells. We sell powder with empty bottle. Consumers add water at home to make the cleaning solution. Saving on transporting is good for the environment. Due to its micro- fine size particles, it can penetrate deep underneath food surfaces to remove waste, toxins, pesticides, and bacteria that no other cleaner can. It is completely chemical free, odorless, and leaves no after taste.

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