Happy Homemaker: Charlie the Cavelier Begs for Attention

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Charlie the Cavelier Begs for Attention

This book is great for kids who aren't used to their parents (or other loved ones) leaving very often, or who have family members who travel a lot and want to connect with them somehow.  I enjoyed reading it with my children, and the printable puppet made it even better for us. They were able to play along with the puppet while I read and they really enjoyed being able to interact. My parents live a few states away, so we are actually thinking of sending them a puppet and copy of this story so they can use the puppets and read to the kids, even when we are states apart.
The sweet story in this book is relateable to kids, especially those with traveling family members because it speaks to their need to be comforted and reassured. I was just recently in the hospital, and due to only having one computer couldn't use this book with my kids during my three day stay-but when I came home my five year old had much to say about how worried she was, how she missed me, and many questions of why I couldn't be with her. I was able to read this book with her and explain that sometimes Mommy has to be away for a little while, and this time it was so I could get better and be an even better mommy for her.
Had I been able to use this book while away, it has an interactive way of teaching parents/loved ones to be interactive while using the book while on video chat or Skype and how to keep them engaged. (could definitely be difficult) At only$2.99 this book is definitely both affordable and worth having to read and play with the kids. The kids especially loved when I attempted to whistle "Twinkle, Twinkle little Star" and when I made voices for the book characters etc. If you travel a lot or have smaller children and family who lives further away-this book would be a great way to get kids talking, teach them life lessons, read, and have some fun!


Product Description:
You really want your loved ones to stay.
But sometimes they just have to go away.
You can’t always be in the same place.
And you can’t possibly fit in their suitcase!
But Charlie the Cavalier Can!
Charlie the Cavalier is a book and puppet who keeps children entertained while video chatting.
In this infectious rhyming read-aloud, Charlie the Cavalier travels with the little girls Mom to the airport and beyond when the little girl has to stay home. The little girl is confident that when her Mom travels with Charlie that he will protect, entertain, and get her Mom back home safely. Children will relate to the little girls need for comfort when a family member is away, as much as parents will appreciate Charlie the Cavaliers reassuring message.
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The book comes with a link to a free printable Charlie the Cavalier Puppet. Follow the link, print out, and assemble Charlie the Cavalier puppet to bring Charlie to life while reading this book to a child at the same place or while video chatting.
Charlie the Cavalier Begs for Attention is a sweet children's book, written especially for you and your age 2- 6 children with simple rhyming text and 16 colorful illustrations. The book will teach you ways to keep your children engaged while video chatting.

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Charlie The Cavalier Begs for Attention: (Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers and Early Learning, About Feeling Safe When Loved Ones Are Away, with Printable Puppet)

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