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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Top 5 Lists of All Things Travel


Who here loves lists? Hey, ME! Hey, Hey, I LOVE lists!! Okay, for real, I do Love lists. So when I was offered the opportunity to review this ebook (it is also offered as a paperback), 5 Lists of All Things Travel, I was ecstatic. Not only was it a book FULL of lists, but lists about something I love to read about, and to top it off-I didn't have to make them! (though I am pretty sure I live by lists-lots and lots of lists...)
It starts with a little introduction to each of it's authors, Kristine and Toni and explains they have traveled  all over the world and the reasons they like to travel. ( It's fun, you can learn something new each and every time etc) Between the two of them, in fact, they have traveled to 19 different countries! They then explained they wrote the book for two reasons-they love to travel and, well, making lists is fun! :)

This book isn't just a bunch of lists. It is a book with helpful, well thought out, and imaginative lists. You won't just read through and feel like you are reading a "How to" of sorts for travel, but will find new ideas, and maybe inspiration, for your next trip. The first chapter is all about Accommodations. It talks about all the awesome places you could stay from Castles to a van by the river. (camping) One I hadn't thought of was a Monastary for a quiet retreat to reflect and de-stress. It then moves on to the advantages to staying in an apartment setting over a hotel-from expenses to the ability to cook and do laundry. (not to mention the change in scenery from all those identical hotel rooms!)  It even talks about the pros to staying in a hotel over an apartment. (ironic, right?) I liked that it pointed out the room service option or the ability to visit the gym, pool and have someone else clean the room during the stay.

In this first "chapter" or list, my favorite part, by far, was when it talked about things to consider. It didn't just give a list of things to consider, but questions to ask and why. Another feature of this thoughtful list is it considers different ways to choose accommodations from free accommodation to cheap rentals. (there is even a list of websites to check out!)

I can't really sit and describe each list one by one, but each list is written similarly to the first. The second list is "Before You Go" talking about ways to save for the trip, what to look for in a travel credit card,  who to call before going, and Emergency lists,  . It includes a great bonus written by Toni about his travel kindred spirit and how he got excited for his first solo trip. Then it moves on to the Packing. Things to pack, Must have items, (my favorite was the notebook) medications to take, (yep-I'm packing the motion sickness meds and allergy pills!) and it even touches on things people tend to forget. (house keys? Yeah-that would be me!) The important list-things to leave home is a great one too-though, I admit, I tend to take almost all of what they say not to...

The next lists are In Country (think things to do, things not to do, water issues, when you get sick, restaurants choice making etc) and Solo Travel (why you're awesome for it, reasons to do it, going out alone, and best places to travel-oh and phrases to know for several countries!). These really sum up either style of travel and are easy to read and full of great tips and ideas that I am positive will come in handy. I really liked the topics of water and how to avoid getting sick and also what to do if you do get sick. (I am sensitive to new water)  I also liked the topic of what to look for to avoid pick pocketing and mistakes to avoid.

All in all, this is a super easy read, it's fun, and it's helpful. I found lots of great ideas and tools that I either hadn't heard of or hadn't thought of before. If you are getting ready to take a big trip and are looking for ideas and tools-I highly recommend this book. It is also great for the notorious list maker or anyone who likes lists. You can read more about this book , find where to buy it, and also enter to win your own copy below!

Product Description:
Whether you are a travel newbie or a seasoned explorer, there is always something new to learn.
Kristine and Toni, co-founders of travel company, Journey Soulo, have visited 19 countries around the world and have collected tips, tricks and stories on each trip. The result? The Top 5 Lists of All Things Travel -- a book full of simple (and sometimes silly) lists that will help you plan and embark on your next trip.
Through this quick read you will:
• Discover fun places to stay that you may never have considered.
• Learn new ways to save for your next trip.
• Learn to avoid the pigeon **** pickpocket.
• Discover what this means: Wo kann ich Lederhosen in meiner Größe?
• Be inspired to plan your next trip now!
The Top 5 Things of All Things Travel also includes stories from fellow travelers, links to helpful websites and apps, and space for you to add your own lists (in the paperback version).
The Top 5 Things of All Things Travel provides you with a planning template to use whether you’re preparing for a trip to a neighboring state or a foreign country, traveling with a group or making a go of it solo. By the end of the book you’ll be ready to book the trip of your dreams!

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