Happy Homemaker: The Adventures of Don and the White Animals

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Adventures of Don and the White Animals

The Adventures of Don and the White animals is a great story filled with adventure, suspense, make believe, and imagination. This story, told from a father's perspective (Jack White), is all about a young boy who is born with the gift of communicating with animals. From the very day they bring him home from the hospital, dogs and birds surrounded their house while others stood without an animal near. Not sure why that was, they went about their life, naming their baby boy Don White. They soon find, however, that Don's journey with animals is just beginning as they come to him for help-and he relentlessly and fearlessly works to save and protect them.

Not only does Don work to save animals in all his innocence, but he finds himself at their mercy to save him as he is kidnapped by a Monkey, wins a horse in a race, and is kidnapped by people who are out to abuse his abilities. The animals come to his rescue in creative, humorous, and unconventional ways. The end leaves you ready for book number two as it ends with a cliffhanger bound to peak your curiosity.

My daughter loved reading this book with me. She worried, laughed, got anxious (but not too anxious!), and rejoiced through out the book during Don's adventures. She loved hearing about the different animals and each thing that happened to Don. She came to the conclusion that she should take care of the animals herself and encourage her brothers to do so too. She loved the creative ways the animals helped Don out of a jiffy and how he relentlessly (though she used a smaller word lol) strove to take care of them. Her favorite part was when he won a horse in a race riding a white horse. (She LOVES white horses!) Although she couldn't read this all by herself due to age, this ended up being a great book to read with her and discuss with her. She seemed to really learn some good lessons from it, and I can see her reading it again when she is older and able to read on her own. (it's recommended for ages 8-12)  I definitely recommend this book to animal loving children or kids who love to read. This book will invoke many emotions but also teach great lessons about life and how to treat others and care for the life around us.

Book Description:

Do you love animals as much as Don?

Find out what Don does for them.

The main character of the book is a six year old boy named Don White. Don is gifted with a mysterious power: from birth, he has had the ability to communicate with animals of all kinds, especially with white animals that have a birthmark on their right limbs ”" the same birthmark that Don has on the palm of his right hand.

When Don realizes his powers, he nominates himself as the "Ambassador of all animals" and fights for their rights in a naive yet glorious way, as only a child can do.
The animals not only gather around Don, but they also come to his rescue in times of trouble and defend him from attackers in spectacular, curious, amusing and nonviolent ways.
The storyteller is Don's father, Jack White, who is compelled to confront an invasion of massive animals and a super-natural, mature and independent child.
Don manages to drag his family into extraordinary adventures - he is kidnapped by a big white monkey from the circus, wins a horse race riding a white horse, and escapes after being kidnapped by a group of malicious people. Don is saved, of course, but the book ends with the kidnappers still on the loose, waiting to meet him in the next book.

This adventure story is about courage, resourcefulness determination and persistence. The story stimulates thought, inspires emotions and feelings and gives valuable messages.
Filled with action and fun, Don's adventures teaches us more about our environment, biological, ecological and zoological ideas.
The Adventures of Don and the White Animals is a book for children between the ages of 8-12 and is the first part in a series of ongoing adventures.

Where to Buy:
Children's Books:The Adventures of Don and the White Animals: Adventure & Education for children (Early / Beginner Readers ,Animal Book 1)

Come and visit Don White on Facebook : (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003596082253&ref=ts)

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