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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Strump: A World of Shadows


 This book starts off feeling and sounding like many other fantasy books with war, rivalry, and rise to power-but it is far from the "typical" fantasy book. Two brothers, Gorgon and Alexander are in a fight for power-creating a civil war of great proportions after the death of their father, whom despite tradition wanted to announce his younger son as heir to the thrown. Assassinated by the evil Lord of the Shadows, Kavardas, is never able to make his announcement. Gorgon is thereby given the thrown by default.

But there is a catch. A game, called Strump, is magically attached to their beloved kingdom and in order to reign they must  wield the game pieces that form the acronym for the game STRUMP. Each piece has it's own special meaning-S for Strength, T for Truth, R for Righteousness, U for Unity, M for Malice, and P for Power.  Which piece each player uses defines the kind of leader they are or strive to be.  Gorgon, led by pride, desire for power, and evil and his younger brother Alexander, led by truth, dignity, and respect for others will find themselves in a battle to reign their great father never intended for. Their land enters what is most literally, a world of shadows. Will evil win? Or will morality and truth preside?  This book will have you hungrily reading for more until the very end.

My initial thought is this book is much like Lord of the Rings with it's great story line, and underlying meaning. It is a book based on the concept of Good versus Evil. It is laced with imagination and mythical creatures such as pixies,  intelligent animals, and mermen. From the very start it will be a book you won't want to put down. It isn't complex as other fantasy books can be with deep, complex characters-but it has a certain quality about it in the way it is written and it's characters are created it is more than meaty enough for any reader.  Instead of being left to figure out the inner being of it's characters-you will be left searching for the inner meaning of each move and every circumstance. (the evidences of a moral life)

 Michael Beas wrote this book perfectly.  From the time you start reading it til the moment you set it down (or finish reading it!) you will feel like you are right there experiencing each thing right along with the books characters. The suspense of this book is just the escape anyone who needs one is looking for. It is the perfect amount of fantasy with it's mythical creatures and magical kingdoms and imaginative scenarios.  I absolutely enjoyed reading it and can not wait to read his next book. 

This book would be great for anyone from middle school to any age. (think that 8o something year old man who still loves his novels-we all know at least one... ;) )  It is an easy enough read for the younger generation, but full of adventure and action-meaty-enough for the most avid of readers. This book will be the perfect addition to any library, especially those who enjoy a great fantasy novel every now and again.

Book Description:
The mighty King Strump and his Shadow realm of the Old World were vanquished by the noble warrior Aerostat and his allied army; Aerostat was acclaimed, after the last battle at the gates of the ancient Sky Fortress, King Aerostat of the Blue Kingdom. In the game called Strump, the Game Piece of Power is the last piece. It exists in the Blue Kingdom, forged into a powerful magical sword by the Sorceress of Stars and which was wielded by the just arms of King Aerostat I. The second generation of his lineage and its allies, represented by the person of King Aerostat II, reigned and made the Blue Kingdom blossom with grace and blessedness…

Upon the death of King Aerostat II, two brothers fight for the keys to the throne of their fathers beloved Blue Kingdom. Through a labyrinth of lies and deceit the Shadow Lord uses the oldest of the two brothers to unite the pieces of a magical game board called Strump. If successful a shadow uprising would bring death and destruction upon all the inhabitants of the Blue Kingdom. The search for truth becomes an enchanted adventure where humans and mermen, pirates & mice, sorcerers & pixies make alliances to defend their Kingdom before it falls into ..... A World Of Shadows.

About the Author: 
Michael Alexander Beas

Michael Alexander Beas holds an associate’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in business management; none of which has anything to do with writing novels. He spent over a dozen years working in banking, telecommunications and commercial insurance. In those industries, he dedicated the bulk of his time selling products and services to customers. He has always enjoyed writing but busy schedules never gave him the time needed to follow the dream of completing a novel. Then one day, life gave him the opportunity to fulfill that dream. Beas lives in Waxhaw, N.C. with his family.

“Original fantasy on an epic scale, Strump, A World of Shadows introduces a unique and compelling voice to the genre in author Michael Alexander Beas. Sure to win him a host of ardent followers, it is highly recommended.” – www.bookviral.com

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