Happy Homemaker: Room Sketcher-Take 1

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Room Sketcher-Take 1

There is program after program out there for creating lay outs, making new builds, and to design staging for a home. But none I've found free or paid are like Room Sketcher. (http://roomsketcher.com)  This program prices any where from free to $49 for a year (personal use) or around $99 for a year to use commercially. (price varies based on need) It makes it easy and affordable for anyone on any budget to design a room or new home without going broke. It can be used by novices (like myself) or contractors, real estate agents, or interior designers. (you know, the professionals ;) )

I have been using it for a little while now. I am still finding new features each day that I didn't know were there before and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to figure it out and also find new ways to furnish our house and also dream a little and start designing a new home. We are in the process of looking for a new apartment or house as well, so I've found houses I liked and played around with different furnishings there too-but of course, just a dream! (hey, a girl can do that, right?)

I was given the opportunity to try Room Sketcher VIP ($49) a year for a few months (I believe 6-but I may be wrong...don't quote me) to test it out and share it with you all, my favorite readers. It has been an enjoyable experience! I had a hard time the first few weeks due to an internet issue, it seemed every time I tried to save or make a change my internet froze and it wouldn't work. My internet would actually crash. To be frank, I thought originally it was the program, but after it happening mid blog post, sharing on Facebook, and a myriad of other things, I stood corrected.


The VIP version of Room Sketcher allows me to create a floor plan, furnish my floors with real furnishings and appliances, take 2D and 3D pictures of the lay out, take a 3D tour, and so much more! One thing that makes it even cooler is I can start the floor plans and decorating online, and if I'm in a waiting room or appointment I can continue it on my phone and save from there through the RoomSketcher app. (found in GooglePlay or the Istore)

Above you'll see a 2D version of my living room. I cut out the kitchen portion and added a door to the hallway so I could accurately lay out the area.  It shows our three windows, the closet inside our door, and our front door as they sit. It's like a small scale version of our current living room. I liked this feature because it shows all of the furniture without any of the extra "clutter" of the full layout (I am not a simple woman LOL)  since  I tried to make it as close to how I'd like it or have it as possible.


I actually absolutely love the 3D layout feature even more. You get a full top view of the space including appliances. (in fact, I just noticed I forgot curtains!)  I designed it full with a sectional, side chair, even down to the magazines and art work on the wall. It only took a few minutes to scale the house and I could choose from feet or meters making it easy that way as well as I can measure which ever way I prefer.  I found out there are more ways to rearrange our space than I thought and was able to find a great way to set it up where we would have plenty of space but still get to use the pieces we really love. (and I do LOVE this sectional couch)  You can  even see a 3d tour of the room. I shared a link below for demonstration. That feature makes it easy to see everything going on in the room.



This 2D is of a new house build (it's still in the works-so forgive the  "clutter", I'm working on changing the rooms up or figuring out the best layout for what we want...)  Again, it shows the rooms, furniture, even the appliances and cars. (hard to see, but there's a moped too ;) )  Here you'll see the furnishings for a living room, bathroom (which I haven't yet resized), kitchen/dining room (I think I'll separate those as well), and even the outdoor set up from a sand box to a pool and lounge chairs etc.  The 2D is a great way to see the layout-but even more exciting to see is the 3D. It really brings it into perspective and pulls it together. It really makes it easy to visualize what it is going to look like when it is done. (down to the very last detail...)


Not only can you take a 3D photo of they lay out or even a specific feature of the room (and you can make a Gallery too), but there is a walk through capability too. You can actually walk through the room as an avatar as though you were touring the house for real. Above you can actually see the lady avatar standing next to the island where I left her right before taking this screen shot. You can also tour without an avatar, or their is an airplane icon that allows you to circle around the building from above making it possible to get the best views of the layout as possible.


 Here you'll see an birds eye view of the bathroom as though you are only peaking in. You see my shower, makeup table (going to remove that-it's just a guest bath anyways!), the sink, and you can see I even was able to add the "small details" such as toilet paper, towel racks, and toothbrush holders etc. There are TONS of options to choose from-I have yet to see them all, I am constantly finding more options! I love the fact I can look at each room in a myriad of ways, and even take pictures that I can go back and compare with to see what I like best. (note: pictures/360 video tours take what they call credits-VIP you only get 20, so use them wisely!)


 This is just another view of the layout. Here you can see that I took the picture while circling around it in the airplane mode. I could choose to zoom in or zoom out to get a more specific view of what I wanted to see and I can use the navigational buttons (found under the zoom line) to look forward, backwards, or circle around at my own pace.


Here you can see two views of the same house design with furnishings, but as you can see, they look very different. The first view is flatter, less vibrant, lacking detail, and while it still gives a great idea of what the house could look like, it is just a basic look. On the right, (or the second picture) you can see detail, from brighter colors to more distinct detail and a further look at size, thickness, a full feeling of what the house can look like. You see everything down to the throw pillows and bananas on the island. It is clear, concise, and visually appealing. The 3D feature of  Room Sketcher is almost the selling point of signing up for the VIP account with Room Sketcher. It is a great program to begin with, but the added features available with the VIP account are the icing on the cake.


 With hundreds of furniture and appliance options, this program isn't just helpful, it's fun! You can decorate everything any way you want and even add books to the bookshelves and a tv to the living room. (a wall unit, or a "table" unit on a tv stand...or whatever) You can see what a room would look like with a fireplace or insert, or what kind of couch looks great with what carpet and lighting fixtures or even "tear your current home down" and redesign it in your free time.

This program has been great to use and I can see where it would be great for amateurs like myself or professionals looking for a great program to do the hard work for them. (measuring etc) while they can sit down with clients and offer a 3D view of what they would like to do or have. Interior designers can get great use from this program as well with all the real furnishing options they offer (they even pop up who it's made by in the side window-see the pic above). It's easy, it's well made, it's colorful and fun to use, and it's got a great appeal to it visually that other programs don't offer. (especially without spending an arm and a leg)
If you are looking to move into a new home, build a new home, or even redesign/redecorate your current home, this program is perfect to meet all your needs! You can try it out in the free version to see how you like it, but the best features are found in the VIP format for $49 for a full year. (that's only $4 a month!)

Check it out here:

View more pictures of my current plan below: (premium pics only available with VIP)
room room1 room3 room4 room5 room6 room7

More Home 360 views!
http://applet.roomsketcher.com/widget/?ctxt=rs_com&l=en&w=home360&gid=12485287 (current living room)
http://applet.roomsketcher.com/widget/?ctxt=rs_com&l=en&w=home360&gid=12482413 (simpler, closet, no downstairs bath)
http://applet.roomsketcher.com/widget/?ctxt=rs_com&l=en&w=home360&gid=12485287 (kitchen)
http://applet.roomsketcher.com/widget/?ctxt=rs_com&l=en&w=home360&gid=12485301 (updated house living room)

*Follow me on this journey as I post new photos/tours over the next couple of months! :)