Happy Homemaker: National Day of the Cowboy

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

National Day of the Cowboy


The National Day of the American Cowboy campaign was founded by American Cowboy magazine in 2004 to preserve, protect and promote our cowboy and Western heritage and lobby for the passage of a national resolution designating the fourth Saturday of every July a permanent celebration on the national calendar honoring cowboys and cowgirls for their enduring contribution to the courageous, pioneering spirit of America.
This year, The National Day of the Cowboy is July 26 and to raise awareness, and to additionally provide you with good reads-I have read/listened to a great book by L. Ron Hubbard that I would love to tell you about. It will get you in the Western spirit and feed your love for cowboys in ways you wouldn't think a book could. The best part is, this book not only available in paper back, but it also is offered as audio books and kindle Ebooks. The two formats that I experienced were the paperback and audio versions.

The book I read/listened to was Shadows From Boot Hill by L. Ron Hubbard. This book is a  must read for action, Western, and Cowboy lovers of all kinds. It is well written, interesting, and full of adventure and even some superstition. Brazos, an outlaw who just killed a local banker is on the run. He goes to an old "friend" who isn't really a fan of him after some bad blood between them the last time they saw each other. Instead of the help he was seeking, he is met with orders to kill another man. This time he is on the hunt for a man named Scotty. He has poisoned over 4,000 acres of land with cyanide while trying to get gold from his ore. Unfortunately, he is more over his head than he could ever imagine. He ends up being cursed by a witch doctor who is associated with Scotty as they take their last breath. Will Brazos come out alive, or has he taken his last order to kill?

This is one hard core Cowboy story. It is interesting, and different while proving to be an easy read and full of adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book-but what I really loved was listening to the Audio book. It is like listening to a movie. It has multiple narrators and sound effects galore. When I closed my eyes I could actually imagine the whole book in my mind. From the moment I turned it on, I didn't want to turn it off-of course, I had to listen in a couple sittings due to "life" but it was a highlight to my evening as I listened. If you are on the road a lot or prefer audio books-I definitely recommend listening to this book! It is also a great paperback book-I read it before listening and absolutely enjoyed it from front cover to back cover. Over all-Shadows from Boot Hill is a great Western/cowboys book and I recommend giving it a read/listen! (especially with National Day of the Cowboy coming the 26th!)

Book Description :
Shadows from Boot Hill:
The outlaw Brazos has skipped town before collecting his blood money for killing a local banker. With the law hot on his tail, he escapes to Los Hornos and his "friend" Whisper Monahan. 'Course, the last time they parted ways, they weren't exactly on good terms, but Brazos don't got much of a choice neither.
Whisper greets Brazos with orders to kill a local fella named Scotty Brandt that has poisoned over 4,000 acres of his land by sitting on the headwaters of a rare stream using cyanide to extract gold from oxide ore. But this time, Brazos bites off more than he can chew when he learns Brandt's hitched up with a witch doctor! And things get right spooky when Brazos picks up another shadow after slaying the witch doctor, who, with his last breath, swears a deadly curse on his soul.

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Shadows from Boot Hill (Stories from the Golden Age)


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