Happy Homemaker: Maya Angelou: I Am Grateful Fine Art Print Review and Giveaway

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maya Angelou: I Am Grateful Fine Art Print Review and Giveaway


 Of all the reviews I have done recently, this is one I have looked forward to the most. I got this fine art print about a month ago and although I have been itching to write about it,  it had to "wait it's turn" so to speak.  It is a piece including a poem/inspirational quote by Maya Angelou and is designed by Lorraine Dunnington. Her store is called Lorraine's Oo LaLa (or ChezLorraines on Etsy) and it carries all sorts of inspirational art pieces or just beautiful art pieces in all sorts of genres from chic to classic, french inspired, photos, and more.
First off, let me just say, it looks beautiful. In fact, it truly is beautiful with its vintage roses and flowers and beautiful script. The entire piece is a daily reminder to stay positive, or optimistic, and grateful at all times no matter what. I love where it says If I insist on being pessimistic there is always tomorrow. Considering each day the next day will be tomorrow-the insinuation that being pessimistic is truly not an option is great.

I have really struggled with the feelings of being defeated and overwhelmed by things going on in our home with my middle child and his journey in defeating delays that feel like they only get worse as time goes on. I often feel like I am not up to the job or an inadequate parent for the things he is dealing with-and it leaves me depressed, defeated, and left to my own devices. (pretty much!) This picture has been a great reminder to keep my chin up and keep on fighting the fight.

It is not just a poem-it is a story in itself. Further down you will find the story of the designer of this piece.  It is a touching story of how she feels blessed, but also a time that changed her life forever. Her prognosis of cancer and feeling of blessings when she survived (now seven years later) inspired her to create this piece. Her motive to always make everyone feel beautiful, in itself is beautiful.  This piece currently sits on my dresser where I can see it every time I get ready in the morning, and I also have a smaller piece I keep on my refrigerator for now so any time I go that way it is there for me to see and draw strength from. (especially when my son is on the floor screaming with no resolve in sight) I plan to get them framed and hang them most likely in a place close to where they already are.

This fine art print is gorgeous, inspirational, and is classic. It would fit in with any decor, modern, "country", chic, or classic because of it's vintage, yet modern appeal to it. And anyone who has it on their wall will have a hard time not drawing strength from it in hard times.

But the great doesn't end there. Any piece you find on Lorraine's Etsy is beautiful and affordable. Her prices start at $15 and are priced based on size. Her most expensive piece starts at $60, but is a custom metal ready to hang piece and you are able to choose any print from her store to place on it. (super awesome!)  You don't just get to choose what picture you would like printed, but you can customize size,(sizes up to 16X20 for regular prints or 20X30 for the Custom metal ready to hang piece)  and finish. (choose from lustre (matte), glossy, or metallic) 

The prints come quickly and are well packed with cardboard to protect them from bending. I got the 11X14 and the 5X7 version of this piece in the glossy finish and they came out beautifully. I have been searching for the perfect frames to compliment them, actually. The shop has so many choices in so many styles that it easily has a piece that everyone can love or add to their home decor. You can really feel Lorraine's personal touch in each piece and see her heart in each piece in her shop.

 You can read more about this piece, Lorraine (the shop owner), and  find links to her shop and social sites, and even enter to win your own Maya Angelou: I am Grateful Print Below!

Product Description:
With a stunning vintage illustration of roses, musical ephemera, with a shabby look, I have added added a beautiful quote by Maya Angelou about being blessed. A perfect gift, or a treat for yourself.
The photos are print to order (based upon your preferences) and will ship within 3-5 business days.
Shipping is included in the price (within the U.S.). A surcharge for shipping has been added for International shipping.

From the Author/Creator:
I am a breast cancer survivor (7 years out). I did not have a good prognosis when I began my treatments. Prior to that I was in management in the insurance industry and had a very secure career path that was moving at a quick pace forward and upward. After I beat the odds and recuperated, the thought of going back to the rat race of sales and stress of weekly quotas, I just couldn't do it. I really felt that I had a greater purpose on this earth and by just trying to make as many sales and money as possible, I wasn't fulfilling my potential. So, I dramatically shifted courses and decided that whatever I did, it would be to inspire, support, and encourage other women.

Having gone through hair loss, a mastectomy, and the insecurities of not feeling beautiful or even questioning my worth, I swore that I never wanted another woman to have those same feelings if I could help it. Thus, Lorraine's Oo La La was born.

I originally started creating jewelry. I designed graphics that I put on the back of chandelier crystals and turned them into necklaces. In the course of making these graphics, I really found my "zen" in designing graphics. Therefore, I opened up my Lorraine's Graphiques store. It caters to women who enjoy card making, digital scrapbooking, printables, etc. I had several printables that I started getting requests for actual prints, and thus Chez Lorraine's came into being. I have had an amazing amount of success with my prints in really a rather short amount of time (based upon the usual 3 years to get a business going). I became so busy with my graphics and prints, that I decided to close my jewelry line, because it was more administratively work intensive, whereas I could create much more when I stuck with the graphics and prints.

I have several types of prints that I produce, but they all fall within my motto of: "In the Depths of the Soul, Everyone Deserves to feel Beautiful." I create prints that are specifically made to create beauty in the home, because I believe that you feel more beautiful if you surround yourself with beauty. I create prints that are purposely made to motivate and encourage women to see the beauty in themselves. I create fashion inspired prints, because I believe that every woman can feel beautiful if they can own their own particular style and "work it." And I also create prints that are more of a shabby chic style ... because I believe that no matter what budget you are living on, you can create beauty.

The print that I created for the Maya Angelou quote probably resonates the most with me. I truly feel blessed. I feel blessed that I'm alive. I feel blessed that I was named an Ambassador of Google's GYBO (Get your Business Online) and was able to go to Washington DC and meet with the President's Council on Small business and have my voice heard. I feel blessed that I was named a VIP for the state of Indiana for the National Professional Women's Organization. I feel blessed to be married to the same man for almost 30 years, and to have 3 healthy children who are thriving.

I truly feel blessed with the success of my business, because I know that if I can reach this kind of success, anyone can. I set a goal to create something every day. I have met that goal, and continue to push myself to keep that goal. I believe that success is achieved by staying true to your course and to keep plugging along. I know it works, because it has worked for me. I'm not the most brilliant woman, talented woman, beautiful woman, or even healthy woman ... but I am tenacious when I set goals. And that has made all the difference in the success I've had. I truly believe every single woman has the ability to do the same, if not more, than I have accomplished. And I feel so blessed to be a small source of inspiration to women who purchase my prints.

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