Happy Homemaker: Lumenx BIke Light

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lumenx BIke Light

 The Lumenx Mountable Bicycle Light is a light that surpasses all others.  It is super bright and adjusts to be longer or shorter for better range of vision. It can also some out of it’s mount to be used as a flashlight which comes in handy in a pinch if anything were to happen during a ride. It comes with a rear light that shines a deep red almost as bright as the headlight itself.  I have been using this light for a while now and can't say anything negative about it, because frankly, I haven't found anything wrong with it! It's sturdy, bright, and easy to use. It is the peace of mind I need to ride at night with confidence and without the fear I won't be able to see or be seen. 
 It is the easiest bike light to install, and because it comes on and off with ease, if you live in an area where you need to worry if it will still be there in the morning, you can remove it and put it back on when you next ride easily. It takes no tools to install and goes on so snugly there is no doubt it will stay firmly in place throughout the entire ride.  To install, just slide over the front bar and tighten. Perfect fit every time.

I love the grip on it, it is a rubber fixture with grooves which gives it even more grip because it will "grab" right onto your handle bar with ease. The rear light is handy as well because it is one more way to be seen and it fits securely to the back of the bike while being easy to install. (it wraps right around and grips that way) 

It’s removable, adjustable feature makes it the best light for any time. It can magnify up to 500 feet and has 1x-2000x zoom. It can also flash, just as the rear light offering an extra amount of security to those who ride in both low and high traffic areas. It is really effective and super bright. I actually think it's one of the brightest on the market-and at it's super affordable price it is definitely worth finding out! 

Don’t  let the fact it’s removable fool you. It fits snugly in the ‘holster’ and doesn’t jostle or wiggle around in it at all. It is as secure as can be.  I expected it to fall out easily or be difficult to fit on my handle bar and in it’s holster in a way that didn’t rattle or jostle around. To my pleasant surprise, it fit great and didn’t jostle at all. It fit comfortably in every way.  It slid easily onto my bars and the light slid easily into the holder. Another great feature is it’s water proof. That makes it the perfect light to use even if it starts to rain mid-ride or unexpectedly. (or, if you-well-enjoy riding in the rain! )


This is the perfect light for anyone who rides, day or night, because with it’s flashing abilities it will bring an extra sense of security and grab drivers attention to the fact that you are on the road with them. With as bright as it is it will light the darkest night in a way that you can feel safe riding at night knowing drivers can see you, and you can see everything around you keeping you safe from harm.

With the Lumenx Mountable Bike Light, you will not only have the joy of feeling safe, you will have the freedom to ride when ever you want to. Be it night or day, rain or shine.

Product Description: 

The Lumenx mountable bicycle headlight is a powerfful 2-in-1 portable LED bike light that will shine up to 500 feet and can effectively light up your path every time. Its LED lights are shockproof with a higher light output and life span than other competitive incandescent bulbs.
It is protable and easy to install and remove with no tools needed. It fits around any handlebar, seat post frame tube and more.
Guaranteed to be made of the highest quality materials and gives the highest safety and security possible.

*Up to 500 feet light visibility
*1x - 2000x zoom and flash mode
*Made up of durable military grade aluminum
*Flexible silicone water resistant body
*Energy-saving feature that ensures long lasting battery life

Front Bike Light by LumenX
LumenX is proud to offer a simple solution to help keep you and your kids safe while riding. Our unique trademarked EZ Grip bike light is backed by the highest quality LED and superior quality materials.
LumenX front bike light is portable and easy which requires no tools to install. It has easy integrated clip feature that allows for quick mounting, and it fits around any handlebar, seat post frame tube and more.
LumenX offers only the best quality LED Bicycle light which is made up of durable military grade aluminum. Our product has a flexible silicone water resistant body with advanced “O” ring seal for convenient safety features. Some unique features are bright CREE Q5 bulb, up to 500 feet light visibility with 1x – 2000x zoom and flash mode.
Our product has advanced focusing Lens design which uses only LEDs that are shockproof with a higher light output and lifespan than competitive incandescent bulbs. LumenX front bike light has dual energy efficient LEDs (1 red for the rear light and 1 white for the front light) for added safety. It has an energy-saving feature that ensures long lasting battery life which lasts up to 25 hours of constant light and 130 hours of flashing.
Are you looking for a high quality mountable bicycle light?
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- Portable and easy to install, no tools required
- Durable military grade aluminum
- Waterproof with advanced "O" ring seal
- Convenient safety features
Advanced Focusing Lens design
Lumenx uses only LEDs that are shockproof with a higher light output and life span than competitive incandescent bulbs.
- Bright CREE Q5 bulb
- Up to 500 Feet light visibility
- 1X - 2000X zoom and flash mode
Commitment to Quality
Our mountable bicycle light is guaranteed to be made of the highest quality materials and gives you the highest safety and security possible.
Lumenx is dedicated to highest level of quality in compliance with ANAI (American National Standards Institute) industry standards for the flashlight category.
Lumenx looks for ways to provide consumers with the best light solutions possible. ANSI Standards help measure these types of qualities and much more so that consumers can make better buying decisions.
Your purchase is backed by our no hassle, 2 year money back guarantee.

Where to Buy:
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