Happy Homemaker: Enderly Coffee

Friday, July 25, 2014

Enderly Coffee

I am always on the search for the next great coffee. You see, I may be a bit of a coffee addict. The issue with that, being, I am also a VERY picky coffee drinker. It has to taste just so-so fresh, so rich, so smooth, so flavorful-or I won't touch it. (or, I'll bury it in sugar and cream...) But Enderly coffee, it's different. It is fresh roasted right in Charlotte, North Carolina and can be bought as full beans or ground. (I order ground)  I live in New York and I still go my coffee within a week of it being roasted and ground-and it is just delicious!
I got the Guatemala Blend. It is rich and smooth, full of flavor-and by far very fresh. It is the best coffee I have ever had. And I mean, EVER! I only use a little creamer and a spoonful of sugar (opposed to 1/4 cream, three heaping spoons of sugar) It is robust, but it isn't too bold or over powering. It is so balanced and it really brightens my morning each day. Although I have tried to trade my coffee for tea, with the lack of need for much cream or sugar, Enderly coffee is a great way to start my morning. It is the pick me up to get me going I need and it tastes better than any roast or brew I have ever had-even from a coffee house. I absolutely have enjoyed drinking this coffee each day.

It is also quite affordable. It is $12.00 for a bag of beans or $13.00 for ground which is a great price for coffee fresh roasted the way Enderly is, and it is made with ingredients grown by local farmers who value great quality and supporting the local economy and community with justice, so you can trust you are getting  nothing but the best when you buy a bag of Enderly coffee. When you order, it will come quickly-mine came within the week and it will be freshly bagged, and come in a marked box so you know exactly what it is when it gets there. (insert happy squeals upon delivery!)  The best part is, part of each purchase goes to support local community development, so not only can you enjoy a great cup of deliciously brewed coffee, but you can feel good about your purchase and the causes it supports. (see more below)

If you are looking to drink a delicious cup of coffee without paying expensive coffee house prices, but while also getting a great quality coffee bean/ground-I definitely recommend going to www.enderlycoffee.com. It's the morning brew you won't regret. (and you'll drool over every morning!)
Product Description:
12 oz of the freshest roasted coffee you ever have tried.  It will come in a bag, in a box, to your doorstep.  It is guaranteed to be roasted within the week and will be ready to brew.  A portion of every purchase is given back to an organization in our neighborhood in West Charlotte, Enderly Park.  Drink coffee, do good!  #drinkwithamission
Our Roasters
Established in 2012, Enderly Coffee is the love inspired dream of teachers and co-owners Becky and Tony Santoro.  Being central in their story, Becky and Tony fell in love over coffee and rely on it daily to keep them going through their days in the classroom.  Their last 10 years have been filled with visits to local coffee shops around the country and romantic dinners with not wine, but fresh brewed coffee and tiramisu.
Our Values
Enderly Coffee is family owned and truly values bringing justice to our world and community.  That is why they have partnered directly with farmers who believe in bringing the same justice to their local communities.  A portion of every purchase goes to support community development (through www.hyaets.org) in their Charlotte neighborhood, Enderly Park.
Our Methods
We locally roast in small batches to perfection bringing you perfectly handcrafted coffee beans ready to brew.
Our Plans
Though opening a coffee shop is in the plans, Becky and Tony are very focused on their online shipping side of the business, distributing freshly roasted coffee daily out of Charlotte, NC.

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