Happy Homemaker: Bo and Bu Ice Molds Review and Giveaway

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bo and Bu Ice Molds Review and Giveaway


Bo & Bu Ice Molds are super adorable and among the largest Ice ball Molds on the market. My kids absolutely love these Ice molds. We have made anything from regular ice to yogurt pops. (I will share a recipe with you shortly!)  Because balls of ice melt slower than typical ice, these ice balls last longer than regular ice and don't water down drinks like cubes of ice would. I have been able to drink teas, soda, and juice without my ice watering it down and it chills the drinks perfectly.

These Molds are great for people of all ages from young to old with their cute faces and easy to empty silicone make. They are a great way to get kids interested  in drinking water and for people trying to get healthy and drink more water, but find it less than enjoyable. Use sliced fruit, herbs, or flavoring in the ice balls to make water both nutritious and tasty. It's also a fun idea to make flavored ice pops using lollipop sticks for after workout snacks to cool down and re-nourish.


The Bo & Bu Ice Molds are super easy to use.  Just place the two halves together and fill them 3/4 full with water or whatever liquid you want to use. If you are having a party where you are serving punch, one fun idea would be to make orange juice ice balls to add as a "garnish" or put herbs or fruit slices in the ice to create a fun and creative statement piece to your drink. (you can also do it with lemonades or add strawberries/kiwi etc.  to the ice to make flavored water or to add to flavored water.)  One thing to keep in mind, especially if you are trying to create a "stock pile" or stock up on ice balls is they each take about 5 hours to freeze fully, so you will want to leave ample time for them to freeze. (another tip: Buy 2 or three sets! Then you can make six at a time!)


 Once frozen, the Ice balls come out easily from the molds and are in true "ball form." They look great in any glass of water, soda, tea, or juice and melt slow so drinks are never watery.  The slow melting ice also ensures each sip of drinks is at it's coldest and evenly cooled. I do recommend letting it sit in your drink for a couple of minutes (tops 3) in order to allow the water to start cooling before taking the first drink.  I use these molds and the ice made all the time. They are the perfect addition to any cup and the molds are fun and easy to use.
Not only are the molds easy to use and make the perfect ice balls, but they are great drink garnishes at parties and can even be used as flavorful, slow melt additions to any drink. They also can be used to make flavorful snacks and ice pops for hot days. One of my kids' favorite hot day snacks is Strawberry Yogurt pops. (we have also used blue berries and bananas. We plan to try mandarin oranges and pineapple soon!)  Because I can't tell you how much we love them then leave you completely hanging, I'm going to share this ONE recipe-but if you want the rest, my recommendation is to get these adorable little Ice molds!

Strawberry Yogurt Ice Pops:

What you Need:
1 cup ripe Strawberries
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt (we like Yoplait or Chobani Greek Yogurt)
2 Tbsp Maple Syrup
1/2 chopped banana
4 Lollipop Sticks
Note: Makes 4 pops

In a blender, puree together strawberries and maple syrup. In a small bowl mix together yogurt and half pureed strawberries. Open the Bo & Bu Molds and place sliced bananas at the bottom of molds. Fill it half with the yogurt mixture. Cover the Ice mold with second half and fill the mold with pureed strawberry mixture. Cover the hole of the mold with finger and shake until the mixture swirls inside of the mold. Poke Lollipop sticks through the mold hole and freeze. When ready (fully frozen) remove the ice pops carefully  from the molds and enjoy! 

You can read more about these adorable, and easy to use Ice molds, see a promotional video, find the link to purchase the Bo & Bu Ice molds set, and even enter to win your own Bo & Bu Ice mold set Below!

Product Description:
  • KEEPS DRINKS COLDER, LONGER - Ice rounds melt slower than regular ice cubes due to their spherical design -your individual drink or pitchers keeps their chill while preserving their flavor. Great for lemonade and ice tea pitchers. Always have some ready to go, stockpile a bunch and store them in your freezer, perfect for guests.
  • GREAT QUALITY, MADE OF BPA FREE, non-stick silicone - Effortlessly remove your icy rounds from the molds - Easy to clean by simply putting them in the dishwasher or by quick hand wash. -Soft, safe and re-usable
  • THE PERFECT GIFT -Inexpensive, useful and tons of fun, what more can you ask for?! - Bobu Ice Molds will bring a smile to anyone who receives them - a great gift idea for everyone; coworkers, friends and family, everybody loves Bo & Bu!
  • KIDS LOVE THEM TOO- Ice Molds aren't just for adults and alcoholic drinks; your child will smile every time they see Bo & Bu in the freezer and it'll keep their drinks colder too. Share a special moment with them and create delicious fruity ice rounds - every purchase comes with ice mold recipes you can create with your kids.
  • INCLUDES ICE MOLDS RECIPES - Bo & Bo not only keep your drinks nice and cold, but can also be used for so many things; we show you how to have loads of tasty fun with them, from delicious strawberry and yogurt pops to edible ice garnishes, every purchase comes along with tips, tricks and recipes specifically designed for your ice molds.100% GUARANTEE - We pride ourselves on offering great products and back that up with our warranty. If you're not happy our ice molds, neither are we and that's why we offer a No Questions Asked Lifetime Guarantee.
bobu Ice Molds KEEPS DRINKS COLDER, LONGER - Ice rounds melt slower than regular ice cubes due to their spherical design -your individual drink or pitchers keeps their chill while preserving their flavor. Great for lemonade and ice tea pitchers. Always have some ready to go, stockpile a bunch and store them in your freezer, perfect for guests. Makes for amazing gifts!

Bo & Bu will keep your glass colder and your freezer hotter! 

-These two lovebirds will brighten up your freezer and chill up your drinks.
-Perfect for the entire family; can be used in any kind of beverage.
-Large 2.5 inch ice rounds which melt slower than regular ice cubes and look fantastic both in your drinks and in your fridge!

-Our ice molds are BPA free, using non-stick silicone
-dishwasher safe
-easy to fill up and remove the ice

-A Great looking box and two fun loving spheres!
-The perfect giveaway for everyone; friends, family, colleagues and the kids!
-BoBu Ice molds are sure to bring smiles ans make everyone happy!

-From cocktails to non-alcoholic beverages, water, and iced coffee; everyone can use them!
-Not only for the adults anymore - Kids love Bo & Bu whether to keep the lemonade cold or as delicious fruit ice pops.
-Great for Summer parties

Your purchase includes free BoBu Ice Molds Tips, Tricks and Recipes!
Not only used for ice, why not freeze garnishes such as lime or mint within the ice, or even better, create delicious strawberry and banana ice pops. We'll show you how!

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