Happy Homemaker: Uth Anti-Aging Serum

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Uth Anti-Aging Serum

I have told you about A LOT of serums.  And I know I say I love them, or at least like them, all. But it's true! They all have a time and purpose and they all work well in the areas I have used them for or the purposes I have used them for. Tonight, though, I want to tell you about one of my favorite serums.  It directs to use it morning and night, but due to my use of other serums for research/testing  purposes I have chosen to use it once a day as an actual serum. (but you'll see soon that I use it two different ways! )

Uth Anti-Aging Serum is one serum I do not plan on ever getting rid of. It goes on soft and creamy and leaves a soft powdery feel behind. I use it every night before bed after I wash and tone as an overnight facial treatment. Because I don't use it in the morning also, as recommended, I do apply a little extra than needed to make up for it a little. (I'm sure I don't even need to)

I love how it makes my face feel and it is practically scentless so it doesn't counteract with any other products I use or leave a weird after smell. I honestly can't say just by looking in a mirror if it has erased years off of my face. What I can say is I have received compliment after compliment recently-and they all involve my age and how young I look. All of these began when I started using Uth Anti-aging serum and had used it regularly for about two weeks.

The most recent compliment I received was when I went to the pharmacy for a Rx. The pharmacist was convinced my health insurance was under my Dad's name and that the others  on the card were my siblings. To her surprise, they were my kids and I am under my husband's insurance. For me-it was a huge deal. For the last few years after having kids, I had actually had others guess me to be over 30 to my mid 30's or so. Now I'm asked if I am even old enough to pick up my own Rx or buy a lottery ticket.  (I can't say I mind at all!)


Uth Serum is light and fluffy, it feels like butter (a light, fluffy, creamy butter) when being applied and doesn't weight down skin or clog the pores even the smallest bit. The Retextra in it works to clear out pores and restore them and acts as the most important ingredient in this serum as it fights free radicals in the skin by immediately penetrating to clean pores and smooth and soften the skin simultaneously creating healthy radiant skin. It also works to fight acne, so it is great for any age because it prevents acne that can cause scarring over time and damage skin.

If used by a younger adult or teen, this serum works to prevent the signs and affects of aging on skin, while if used by those who are a bit older in age, it fights the signs of aging such as wrinkles through smoothing and filling in creases over time.  Although I can not claim it has made me look younger, I can say it helped prevent acne during my monthly (if you suffer from terrible acne, especially then-totally try this serum! I experienced NONE the last two months)  and it has helped even my skin tone and hide/get rid of the signs of scars from past acne.  It has made my face smooth and soft and even when I don't wear make up, I go out knowing my face looks healthy and clear because I use Uth regularly.

Because of it's constitution and how it is made, Uth Anti-aging serum also works wonderfully as a primer for make up.  I mentioned earlier you would get the chance to see another way I use this amazing serum-and here it is! Before I ever apply my make up in the morning, I use Uth Serum. It does wonders for the length of time I am able to wear my make up without doing a touch up.  I actually like it even more than my actual primer and have stopped using a primer altogether.

My make up stays on longer, doesn't run, even in heavy heat, and looks more even because I have a good serum (primer) underneath it. I believe it's powdery constitution after being applied truly does make it the perfect acting primer and helps it do the awesome job that it does.  The benefit of using it as a primer is, I still get to use it the second time of the day as recommended, but I use only a small amount and make up for it at night. (like I talked about above)  I get to reap the benefits of the serum while also reaping the benefits of using it as a primer. On top of it, I get the protection of using this serum opposed to a chemical filled primers that are on the market. It provides a great barrier between my sensitive pores and the makeup I apply on top of  this power house of a serum.


Made of only seven ingredients that have all been proven safe and effective for the absorption, cleaning, healing, and building up of the skin. Although not 100% natural, this serum has been made with seven of the best and allergen free ingredients available on the market. It is both safe and effective.

If younger looking, healthier, tighter, more beautiful skin is what you are looking for-get Uth Anti-aging Serum. If you are looking for a light, easy to apply serum-try Uth Anti-aging Serum. If you want to get complimented over and over about how young you look-buy Uth Anti-aging Serum. If you have liked everything you just read-order your Uth Anti-Aging Serum right now!

Experience all of the awesome benefits reaped from using Uth Anti-aging Serum.  Younger looking, fuller, tighter, healthier skin.  Regain the skin of your Uth and try Uth Anti-aging serum today!

Product Description: 
  • Dramatically smoothes fine lines and wrinkles in just 7 days
  • Patent pending advanced retinoid formula
  • Not irritating to the skin
  • Significantly improves skin health and tone
  • Leaves skin with a radiant glow
  • Silky smooth & powdery application
Have you ever said, "I would pay a thousand dollars to look like I did when I was younger"?  Well guess what, you don't have to.  Uth Anti-Aging Serum costs just under a dollar a day!  We put one of the leading formulators of dermatological products to the task of creating the safest, and most effective Anti-Aging Serum today. We made sure our magic molecule, RETEXTRA®, was the active ingredient in the Serum, and the result is our revolutionary Uth Anti-Aging Serum.
 Uth Anti-Aging Serum ​is alcohol-free, preservative-free, and fragrance-free.  It is odorless, colorless, and has a wonderful silky application that can serve as a primer for your make-up.  Clinical tests proved Uth Anti-Aging Serum effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without causing irritation to the skin. Finally, Uth Anti-Aging Serum is AFFORDABLE.  

Regain the skin of your Uth
Our new Uth Anti-Aging Serum fights aging while improving the health and beauty of the skin.  Our proprietary ingredient, RETEXTRA®, makes this formulation unique, safe, and effective - the only anti-aging product containing this miracle retinoid.  It is not irritating.  It is odorless, colorless, and has a silky powdery application.

Where to Buy: 

I was given Uth Serum gratis from Uth for testing and reviewing purposes. I was in no way paid or compensated for my opinion or to give a good review.