Happy Homemaker: Tuna Squish Review and Giveaway

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tuna Squish Review and Giveaway

Have you ever gone to open a can of tuna and get all the oil or water out and cut yourself on the sharp edge of the can?  How about ended up with wet, greasy fingers? And then there's the topic of tuna fingers-you know, that stinky fish smell that sticks around no matter how much you wash your hands all day...

But there is one amazing little kitchen gadget that can change all that for you! The Tuna Squish is a fun, easy way to drain the juice and safely dispose of tuna can tops without getting all juice or cutting a finger or digging at the top with a fork.  It is innovative, affordable, and easy to use.  It easily squeezes the juice out of tuna, and holds cans securely. It has a magnet in the top that releases the can top with the press of a button so you never have to touch another can tuna can top again.

This cute, fish shaped kitchen gadget makes eating tuna less of a pain and more of a pleasure by keeping hands clean and safe while effectively removing the tuna juice and can top. Never touch your tuna, or smell like it again!
I have had the pleasure to use this product, let me first just say-it is super cute! There is no questioning what it is for with it's adorable tuna shape and smiling fishy face.  The button, discreet yet easy to use, is actually the dark blue fin found in the middle of it's back. This button removes the magnet from the can tops range, allowing it to easily let go of the can top into the garbage. No more digging with a fork or risking fingers to remove the top.

It's shape and design is perfect for removing tuna juice as it securely holds the can and the top is designed with great ingenuity to be able to squish the top down all the way and get the most juice out possible. I no longer dread juicy tuna or icky fingers. (or the dreaded finger slice that sometimes happens...)


The process is super easy. All you have to do to use this awesome little gadget is open the can of tuna, place it on the Tuna Squish, then squeeze the Tuna Squish while holding it sideways to drain as much (or as little) juice out of the can. Then just remove the can with the tuna from the Tuna Squish and finally press the button on the Tuna Squish to safely release the top of the can from the device and dispose of it.

 I must admit, for the longest time, I didn't eat tuna unless I bought it while we were out. I didn't avoid it because I don't like it, but because I hated getting my hands all wet and oily draining the tuna juice and I equally wasn't a fan of potentially sacrificing my fingers for the sake of a good sandwich.

The Tuna Squish has changed all that. Without the risk of smelling fishy or hurting myself, and not having to worry about getting all wet or greasy from draining the fluids, I can now easily enjoy one of my favorite canned foods. Whether it's a macaroni salad or a tuna sandwich (or, have you ever tried tuna ON salad instead of dressing? YUM) I can quickly, easily, and safely prepare my tuna without a hitch.  This gadget is easy enough to use, my five year old daughter can even do it! (with help with the can opener of course!)  Perfect for any athlete, health food junkie, or tuna lover! This also works with the larger fish cans, making it the perfect kitchen gadget to keep close by.

You can read a little more about this amazing little kitchen gadget below, watch a video showing how easy it is to use, find out where to buy it, or even win your own Tuna Squish! Definitely check it out-it's cute, useful, and affordable.

Product Description: 
  • The Tuna Squish let's you open canned tuna without smelling like one
  • Drains the liquid, removes and ejects the lid from canned tuna with minimal human contact
  • Never Touch Your Tuna
"Never Touch Your Tuna" - Tuna Squish is a handheld can press that drains liquid and lifts lids off tuna cans without the mess.The Tuna Squish is a handheld can press that drains the liquid, removes and ejects the lid from canned tuna. No more messy tuna, smelly hands or potentially dangerous jagged can edges.  When you use the Tuna Squish stinky hands and cut fingers are now replaced with the pure and personal enjoyment of consuming lots and lots of tuna dishes. Simple. Easy. Delicious.

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