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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oz Natruals Hyaluronic Acid


At this point I'm sure you are looking at this post and saying, "Another serum post?" Why yes, yes it is! I have tested and tried a ton of serums at this point. (about 30 at this point!) But, this serum is in a class it's own. 100% Vegan, Oz Naturals Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C is a facelift in a bottle. Before I tell you all my thoughts on this serum, I want to quickly review Hyaluronic Acid with you.

Hyaluronic acid is used for a myriad of things, it is used as a various joint disorders, including osteoarthritis. It is also used as a lip filler in plastic surgery, for healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers, and as a moisturizer. Known as the "fountain of youth" (almost naturally) Hyaluronic Acid serves to fill the spaces between cells, protecting them by retaining water and serving as a cushion. It can give an instant lift to anyone looking to get one. The skin remains hydrated and the surface is supple when the skin contains enough concentrations of hyaluronic acid. It binds to water giving it a stiff viscous quality similar to “Jello”. Because HA is one of the most hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules in nature with numerous benefits for the human body it can be described as "nature's moisturizer".

 It is the collagen that gives the skin its firmness but it is the HA that nourishes and hydrates the collagen. Consider the Hyaluronic Acid as the water that keeps the collagen moist and elastic. Collagen is continuously surrounded and nourished by the gelatinous HA substance. Young skin is smooth and highly elastic because it contains high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid, which helps skin stay healthy. As we grow older, the body loses its ability to maintain this same concentration in the skin. With decreasing levels of HA in the skin, so goes the ability of the skin to hold water. Using a serum with Hyaluronic acid will take the Vitamins E and C and create a real triple threat for skin. (as found here: http://mommyreinagratis.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-healing-power-of-vitamin-c-e-and.html)
I have truly enjoyed my experience with Oz Naturals Hyaluronic Acid. Containing Vitamin C, I can use it with my Oz Naturals Vitamin C Serum, or choose to go without the Vitamin C serum if in a hurry. My face has been softer, fuller, and tighter than with the use of other Hyaluronic Acids and I couldn't be happier with the kind words I have gotten from others.

It is easy to use, just take 2-3 drops and apply it on the face after washing, allow it to dry, and add a Vitamin C serum  and moisturizer, or just moisturizer then you're all set to apply makeup or go. Just do this twice a day and wait for the great results you can obtain using Oz Naturals Hyaluronic acid. This acid has helped diminish the appearance of the dark circles under my eyes-yay for less concealer!-and has left my skin moisturized and soft.

I usually use it in the morning and at night, and have been using the Oz Naturals Vitamin C Serum (more on that soon!) afterwards. That combination works to plump and re-moisturize my skin while encouraging healthy skin regrowth and filling in fine lines. It is AMAZING. My skin feel so healthy and soft, and I'm having less breakouts at that time of the month which is great because, who really likes a breakout?? ;)
This serum is affordable (only $18.95 a bottle) and they ship fast. They use only the highest quality Hyaluronic Acid and have a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  (great because that means they back their product-remember those rules I shared about picking great/reliable products?) 

 You can read more about Oz Naturals Hyaluronic Acid, see a promotional video, and find where to purchase this awesome serum below!

Product Description: 
Discover How To Reverse The Signs Of Aging & Make Your Skin Look & Feel 10 Years Younger!
You Won't Find A Higher Quality, More Potent, More Effective Hyaluronic Acid On The Market
With Our 100% Pure Vegan Hyaluronic Acid You'll See Immediate Results

Hyaluronic Acid Serum:
- Delivers a youthful and vibrant appearance to your skin
- Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
- Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Formulated with the highest concentration of pharmaceutical HA
- Contains the same HA used in the world's most expensive serums
- Boosts Collagen Production For An Instant Youthful Appearance
- Made in the USA In Our Advanced FDA Registered Facility

Our Hyaluronic Acid Contains Vitamin C For Superior Anti Aging Effects
Beware of Generic Or Cheap Hyaluronic Acid Here  Amazon
There has been a large quantity of low quality HA flooding the market
Our HA Is The Highest Quality Hyaluronic Acid On The Market!
OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Is A Maximum Effect Serum That Will Give You
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Our Guarantee To You
If within 30 days you're not 100% happy with your purchase of OZ naturals hyaluronic acid,
let us know and we'll refund your entire purchase price...no questions asked!

Where to Buy:
OZ Naturals - THE BEST Hyaluronic Acid Serum For Skin


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.