Happy Homemaker: MNotes Notepad

Thursday, June 19, 2014

MNotes Notepad

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


M>Notes Notepad is an easy to use, helpful tool. It is found in the Google Play Store and can either be purchased or the free app used. I highly recommend the paid application. It is fully customizable from the type of note you are making to the fonts and colors of notepads. With the free app you can only use two notepads and have only a few options for icons and can't insert as many pictures (only 20 in fact). But, with the full app, you can have an infinite amount of notepads and add up to 51 icons, you can choose from 8 fonts (free has only 1), and add as many pictures as you want.


I have been using the application on my Kindle Fire, so adding widgets hasn't been necessary, but it is great how if needed, widgets can be added to any main page of any device, such as droid phones and devices.  You can also share your notes on any social media site with the handy share feature in the app. You can also change the colors used for each notepad and name the notepad making discerning between any notepads created. (great for students! Take notes with the phones speech to text feature (be sure to spell/word check-we know how funny speech to text can be sometimes) for any class and put them in their own designated class notepad.


With the 50+ icons available in M>notes, easily write notes and add sub-notes using icons to make them easier to navigate. This feature is especially great if planning a project or trip and want to divide it into categories or by job. I personally used it to plan a cleaning project I had and also to plan the school day by class for my daughter. It has icons from stars and hearts to smiley faces and trees.


Don't want to "write" a bunch of notes? Add pictures and label them accordingly for a "picture book" of notes. If planning a trip, it is easy to add pictures and divide them into categories such as places to visit and restaurants to eat at, or even hotels to stay at. It is a great way to keep things in one place, and because it can be added to any android phone or device, it is easy to "carry along" with you because it is likely on a device you already take anywhere. (I know I go no where without my phone and usually my Kindle as well)  It is also extremely easy to save your notes. You can save them to dropbox or even to your sd card so you never have to worry about losing a note to a device crash or accidental break. (think dropping, puddles, etc)
I have truly enjoyed using this app and it has seriously simplified my life and lightened my purse (consider the notebook/planner I no longer have to carry along!) because I can just add a note to m>notes and write it in my planner when I get home opposed to dragging my planner everywhere.

 This app is great for any mom/dad, business man or woman, or students. It simplifies note taking and organizing information so much so that I have extra time to spare because my notes are all in one place and I don't need to search anymore.  At only $2.49 this app is well worth the money and if you already have the free version, you can import any notes you have already made to the paid version. (it's super easy!)

Find out more about this awesome mobile application below! When you're done reading, follow the links and watch the video to see how easy it is to use and all the amazing features it offers!

Product Description: 
m> notes is a simple but elegant notepad app for making text notes just about anything.
m> notes is designed to be convenient to use and makes it easy to focus on what's important - your notes' content and context.
Key Features:
- Consistent sliding navigation
- Organize your notes and sub-notes into colored notebooks
- Add photos to your notes, make photos with your camera or choose a picture from the gallery
- Action Bar provides context information even on older devices
- Drag and drop to reorder notes
- Share your notes via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.
- Backup to Dropbox
- Backup to SD-card
Premium Features:
- Widgets
- 9 fonts to choose from
- Additional icons
- Unlimited notebooks
- Imports notes from the free version

With m>notes notes and notebooks you can:
**Organize your notes into colored notepads
Pick vivid colors for your bright ideas and memories. Select color for every notepad.
**Slide through your notes and notepads
Slide left and right to navigate through your notebooks and notes.
m>notes is the first android notebook with consistent sliding navigation.
**Reorder notes in every notepad with ease
Drag and drop your notes to order logically. m>notes inserts your new notes at the top or at the bottom of the list depending on your preferences.
Then you may drag and drop it anywhere in the list.
**Share your notes
m>notes allows you to share notes from your notepad with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Email, SMS or any other sharing tool.
**Select beautiful font
m>notes has 8 beautiful rare fonts and also features exclusive handwritten Kolbaska font that improves remembering
**Label important things
Mark important things with color icons. Every note may have its own icon.
**Note everything
Create many colored notepads and make notes just about anything.
**Import notes from free version
Switch to the paid version and import all your notes in one tap.

Where to Buy:


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.