Happy Homemaker: Jetsetter Portable Digital Luggage Scale

Monday, June 2, 2014

Jetsetter Portable Digital Luggage Scale

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

  "You don't need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination." ~~ Unknown

 I could go on and on about the hardships of traveling, especially by plane-the luggage fees, plane fare, the things you can or can't take on a plane now due to security reasons, the need to put soaps and shampoos into those tiny little bottles, etc. Instead, I'm going to share with you a small tool you can use to make all of this travel stuff, just a little bit easier. When going on a plane or even a bus and some trains, there are luggage weight limits. If you go over that limit, they can charge you by the pound-and depending how far over you go, that can REALLY add up.

 I remember one of my last flights, and consider, it was quite a while ago. I was flying home to see my family and I didn't have a scale, bathroom or otherwise to get an idea of how much I had packed. I was almost 10 pounds over the weight limit. I got extremely lucky because the person who weighed my luggage just gave me a small box and sent it through at no extra charge-but I was still just a "kid". He took pity on my pretty much and that was almost ten years ago!

 Now, if you go over in weight or need to check an extra bag, it can cost you anywhere from $100 to even $400 a bag! That' s on top of the luggage fee you have already paid to check a bag. The Tarris Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale will ensure you never have to worry about these fees on top of getting to the airport on time and getting that pair of nail clippers out of your pocket.

This scale is compact and can be folded up to easily slide into any carry on, purse, or suit case pocket, making it perfect for taking anywhere ensuring you are able to weigh your bags before you fly home as well so you don't get slammed with fees and overages.

 It is sleek and stylish (for a luggage scale) and extremely durable. The strap is extremely durable and can hold weight up to 110 pounds. It (and all other scales) are individually hand tested for accuracy, so it's more reliable than your bathroom scale (and yes, I have done that before!) meaning you won't have to give or take 5 pounds to make up for any inaccuracies.

The Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale is digital, making it easy to read. It can also be changed from Kg to Lb and vice versa. It's strap makes it perfect for any piece of luggage, just wrap it around the suitcase handle, make sure your scale is on, lift, and it will give you your luggage's weight. Easy to use and extremely accurate, it will give you the piece of mind to travel with confidence. The only thing you will have to worry about is making your fight, bus, or train and having a great time!


  Every scale comes with a FREE Insiders Guide that gives tips about travel, what to pack, luggage rates for each air port, and even ideas of how to travel safely and stress free with kids. It also comes with a 25% off coupon for a second luggage scale that you can share with a friend, family member, or fellow traveler/co-worker! It is an easy to use tool and could end up saving you HUNDREDS of dollars in over weight luggage fees, extra bag fees, and save you from having to deal with impatient flyers behind you in line while you figure out what your next step is.

  It will give you the peace of mind to travel with confidence and allow you the lee-way to get those souvenirs you know you are going to want to get, shop for new clothes, or bring home that bottle of champagne to share after a successful business trip.

 This scale is a must have for any traveler. It will simplify your travel experience, save you from costly fees, and keep your anxiety low knowing you aren't going to need to buy a second suit case or ship a box home because you don't have enough room in your carry on or checked suit case. It can also help for bus rides-often they have a weight limit as well and can help you not over load your car or truck when going on a road trip. (nothing worse than a sagging trunk-think of the gas mileage!)  

  Product Description:  

The Highly Accurate and Extremely Dependable Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale ensures you'll never pay overweight baggage fees again. A modern fashionable stainless steal design that is lightweight, accurate and dependable and to the best of our knowledge it is the only only on the market with a lifetime warranty. Here are just some of the features that make this a must have for travelers
  • -100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and backed by our Lifetime Warranty - Compact lightweight design travels with you without adding significant weight or bulk - 110 lb / 50 kg capacity with precision accuracy of 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg - Easy-to-read LCD display, durable stainless steel design, auto shutoff , auto-lock display, long life lithium battery included
Never Pay Unexpected Overweight Bag Fees Again

Traveling has never been more expensive or stressful. Why worry about your bags at check-in, getting stung with extra fees and facing the embarrassment of repacking in public?

 The Highly Accurate and Extremely Dependable Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale A modern fashionable stainless steal design that is lightweight, accurate and dependable. - Easy-to-Read LCD display you don't have to strain or bend to see - Lock Weight - Once bag is stable display locks onto weight for easy reading - Auto Shut-Off after 30 seconds preserves battery - Capacity Overload indicator shows when bags are over the scale limit - Low battery indicator gives you plenty of notice to ensure your scale is ready when you need it - Compact lightweight 3.3oz scale travels with you so you can avoid surprises on the trip home  

FREE Ultimate Insider's Guide to Traveling Through Airports - Move through airports faster, cheaper and with less stress - Includes baggage weights and rates for every major airline! - Sanity saving tips for traveling with kids - Instructions for downloading guide located inside packaging  

The Last Luggage Scale You Will Ever Need - The sturdy strap is more stable than a hook for a more accurate measurement - Tough and durable stainless steel top plate and high strength plastic bottom plate (containing battery) for a lifetime of use  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty ** Every scale is individually hand tested for defects and accuracy before it leaves the factory. ** At TARRISS Travel Gear we're so confident you'll love our scale we offer a no-hassle guarantee and lifetime warranty!      

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