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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Friendship Takes Courage


I have to be honest with you. When I saw the cover of this book, and even started reading it out loud to my kids, I was more than a tad skeptical. But, have you ever heard the words "never judge a book by it's cover"? This is one time, I needed to practice that principle. This book is recommended for 7-11 year olds, or as a read aloud to children as young as 5, but I was  able to read this book to all three of my kids and they sat and listened (and loved it) a few chapters at a time. Now, I am sure my 1.5 year old had no idea what I was reading about etc., but he enjoyed listening to me read, and looked at the colorful pictures  nonetheless.

From the very start, this book was full of imagination, color, and life lessons. I enjoyed that as we read, my daughter (5) asked questions and we were able to discuss things such as courage, friendship, what it meant to be brave, and how to go for what we want without fear. Actually, the idea of fearlessness laces this entire book and is one of the main lessons in the book.

My daughter loved as I read aloud and read of all Joy's adventures (Joy is the main character) and how he went and helped others act bravely and do what they were ultimately scared to do, but needed to do in order to get what/where they wanted to. What we found, ultimately was that Joy also experienced fear. He was scared someone would not want to be his friend. (of course he was wrong!) 

This book, full of colorful, unique characters and a myriad of challenges and adventures is a great book for kids of all ages. It is especially good when trying to teach our children to act on courage, or how to be good friends to one another. (there are a TON of learning moments in this book-especially if parent is reading to child!) I highly recommend adding this book to your family "library" and reading this to your kids or having them read it themselves. Through its good example, it is also a great book to read that demonstrates the opposite of bullying.

You can read more about this ebook and see where to buy it below!

Product Description:

Great ebook for kids!

Book description :
What is a friend? What is courage? What to do with anger, sadness and fear?
Go on a journey into your own world of emotion.
The beings of planet Water Bright have lost their spark of happiness; they have forgotten about friendship and became lonely. They stopped being courageous and forgot who they are.
But, in the most magical day, the unthinkable happened. The five small suns aligned as a smile in the sky!
That is when Joy was born.
Joy came to the world knowing all about friendship and courage. With a never ending hunger to make friends, he embarks on an adventure that inspires others to face their difficulties, overcome their fears and be brave!
Friendship Takes Courage is a unique and humorous story, full of vivid colorful drawings. The first of three fantasy books which takes both children and parents on a journey into their own world of emotion. It displays in a hilarious fashion the way that fear can create the exact reality we are afraid of.
You will be inspired to resolve emotional issues:
  • How can courage help us find who we truly are?
    How do emotions such as fear, shame and anger drive us further away from our hearts?
    How to find the way back?
    Why is it so important to overcome fear and be courageous?
    What does friendship has to do with courage?
The book allows the reader to reflect inwards in a fun way and can open a door for meaningful conversations between parents and their child.
This children's book is most suitable for children ages 7-11, and as a read aloud book for children as young as 5.
Find more at:http://www.friendshiptakescourage.com/

Where to Buy:
Children books : Friendship Takes Courage: Values & Self-Esteem for kids (Adventure & Education Book 1)

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