Happy Homemaker: No Rest for the Weary

Friday, May 9, 2014

No Rest for the Weary

     I sometimes feel like I'm in over my head. Actually, I OFTEN feel like I'm in over my head. I can't say that I really do any more than the typical housewife/sahm, but sometimes it feels as though the work never ends and all I need is a day off to just "disappear" and pamper myself.

As soon as the thought passes through my mind, I regret it. Not that it is wrong, but because my situation is different and I feel guilty for wanting to get away from the ones I hold so dear to my heart.  The second thing that occurs to me once I contemplate a "day off" is how I'm a mom. There are no "days off", no "vacation time, sick time, or personal time." 

I'm not saying that as a mom I should never expect a moment alone, or even a short break to buy milk by myself. But I am saying there is no "rest for the weary" so to speak. Sure, I will go get that gallon of milk alone and be out of the house for twenty minutes, but after those twenty minutes are up-everything goes back to how it was.

The screaming toddlers, the playful puppy, the clothes on the floor and dishes in the sink will still be there. My son will still wake up at three am and climb into my bed and snuggle so close I almost roll off and hit my head off the night stand and my daughter will still awake crying because she has a newly found fear of the dark.  (thanks Disney Jr for giving her that idea!)

But, despite all those hours of "restlessness" and hard work-my time without rest will also be spent snuggling three adorable children,  baking cookies,  taking walks with the dog, and spending time with the ones I never knew I could love so much until I held them in my arms the first time.

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Do I still occasionally desire a break? Of course I do-I am not going to lie. Sometimes the negatives (though silly and petty) shadow my view of the reality of my lot in life-the great love and special moments. But as soon as the feeling passes, I realize how silly I was being and how important my role is.

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Are you a stay at home mom? Or even a working mother? Do you know how important your role in life is? You are not just a wife or a mother. You are a teacher. You're a role model. You're a forever friend. (in time) You are a confidant. You are a guardian. You are a shepherd of sorts. You are so much more than what meets the eye. You care for little souls that would other wise be left to tend for themselves and learn important life lessons the hard way.

Whether you work outside of the home, or stay home all the time-you are your child's example of responsibility, hard work, and drive. You teach your children how to do everything from walk their first steps to balancing their checkbook. Even after they leave, your job doesn't end. You still worry day in and day out, wait for their next phone call, and pray for their well being. There are so many other important things you do-and trust me-whether they ever acknowledge it or not, those you are caring for see it, they feel your never ending love.

No dear friends, there is no rest for the weary. But honestly, do we really even want it?

Happy Mother's Day to all the weary Moms out there making a difference in our world one child at a time! You are deeply loved by those around you, and greatly appreciated!

God Bless,