Happy Homemaker: Liquid Gold

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Liquid Gold

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


 Many are calling 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Liquid Gold and doting on all the awesome things it can do. I have to say-I am ON that bandwagon. Actually, I am the person DRIVING the bandwagon and screaming through the loud speaker about how much I LOVE Argan Oil.

There are so many ways to use it, it is almost overwhelming. The key word in there was Almost. My most favorite way to use this "Liquid Gold" is as an overnight treatment. It is so easy to do and it leaves my hair so soft and manageable that I don't even need to use conditioner because even without it, my hair is left soft, sleek, and manageable, so I don't need to use it. It nourishes and moisturises each hair from root to tip, making your hair stronger, glossier, fuller and healthier.

 The oil is remarkably light, so it is easily absorbed without making your hair greasy. And because most oil is deodorised, there’s no smell. (or very little) If you suffer from a dry scalp, make sure you massage the oil right into the roots. You’ll be astonished at how shiny, soft and full of life your hair looks.

Not only does it work great-but it's easy to do! I just take 100% Pure from Morocco Argan Oil from Uni and just put a moderate amount in my hair before bed. Then I just throw a towel in my hair and go off to bed. In the morning when I get up I wash it out in the shower as usual and dry my hair and it's left soft and touchable.


 Uni 100% Organic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is one of the best Argan Oils available on the market. (see where to buy below!) I have really loved using it. It has left my hair looking better than ever (even after dying it!) and my cuticles are well cared for. I have been using it on my cellulite as well, but have yet to get any real results, but I just started doing that in the last few days-so that is to be expected. I sometimes even use it as a toner under my moisturizer. I have really liked how soft and supple it has left my face.

 Uni's serum is Organic and fresh, date of production is put right on the bottle as well as expiration date. I highly recommend this Argan Oil, it is affordable and works great! I love all the ways it can be used and how well it accomplishes each beauty goal. Pick some up and Enjoy!!

  Product Description:
  UNi's Triple Extra Virgin Argan Oil

 One of the most important aspects of oil is its quality. The grade of the oil has a dramatic impact on its effectiveness and overall value.

UNi's PREMIUM quality Argan oil is Triple Extra Virgin, which is 100-150% more expensive than virgin Argan oil. This is high quality and superior Argan oil and is 100% pure.  

What Makes Our Argan Oil Superior? The quality of Argan oil is measured using scientific precision. There are seven grades, depending on the quality of the Argan kernel and the extraction method used. The grade of the oil has a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of the oil and the quality. Our Argan oil is considered the extra super grade Argan oil, which is known as "Triple Extra Virgin Argan oil." Our Argan oil has a free acidity rate of 0.31% and a peroxide rate of 1.6% and a defect rate of 0.00%. This ensures that our Argan oil is Triple Extra Virgin Argan oil and of the highest quality.  

Is UNi Argan Oil Organic? UNi Argan Oil has obtained USDA Organic seal from by IMC, the renowned accreditation authority.  

Applications of Argan Oil

Our Argan Oil Can Be Used For:
• Face Moisturizer
 • Leave-in Conditioner
 • Face Mask
 • Cuticle Softener
 • Deep Conditioning
 • Hair Shine
 • Body Oil
• Anti-aging skin care
• Hydrating Toner
 • Sun protection
 • Exfoliating Mask  

100 Day Money Back Promise! IF you do NOT like our product for whatever reason, you can return it for a FULL refund within 100 days. Just send us a customer service request through Amazon or our website. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!  

  Where to Buy: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G5WO2VK/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.