Happy Homemaker: Shazzy Fitness-Shake What the Father Gave Ya

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shazzy Fitness-Shake What the Father Gave Ya

I recently received two Shazzy Fitness Dvd's to review and I absolutely LOVE them!


Here is a quick look at what the workouts look like:

There are two Dvd's you can get. The first is called "In the Beginning" and it is meant for beginner dancers. It offers two 10 minute workouts and a bonus workout. Both workouts have two prompted dances and one un-promted dance. They are high energy, beginner level workouts put to Christian Hip Hop/Rap.

I absolutely loved this Dvd. I have yet to do the bonus workout, but the 10 minute work outs are great for busy people (aren't we all?) and are really good at getting every muscle working and moving. In just ten minutes, I was pouring sweat and could feel every muscle working, but I had a huge smile on my face. Yep-a smile! It is so much fun! The fact that it is a great work out put to Christian music is awesome too! The dance moves are easy to pick up on, the music is uplifting, and they are just long enough to engage muscles and get sweat flowing, but short enough I can slip in a workout during nap time or while the kids are eating breakfast. (or lunch lol)
      More information:
  • Beginner-level aerobic dance moves, perfect for all abilities
  • Muscles worked: quadriceps, hamstrings, biceps, triceps & abs
  • Combination of isotonic and isometric exercises
  • Cool-down segment included
Here is a sneak peak of "In the Beginning" :

The second Dvd is "A Time to Dance". This Dvd is an intermediate workout and is great if you already know some of the dance moves.This Dvd also offers two 10 minute workouts and a bonus workout. It again is a high tempo, low impact hip hop dance workout set to Christian music.

I did give it a try, but I have to admit-I am a TERRIBLE dancer! ;)  Despite being a very bad dancer, I had a blast dancing along (or trying to) with Vera, Apollo, Leslie and all the other dancers. The music has a way of drawing you in and making you want to move, making the work out that much easier to do. My all time favorite dance is in the first workout, and it is to the song "I'm a Believer" (think "Teach me How to Duggie"). It is a blast and they use some well known dance moves mixed with some that mix it up a little.
More information:
  • A dance party with lo-impact, highly intense hip-hop dance moves
  • Ideal for dance enthusiasts or those ready to advance to next level
  • Benefits: cardiovascular endurance, fat-burning, dance techniques 
  • Extra bonus dance workout included.
A sneak peak: of "A Time to Dance":

No matter what level dancer you are or what your fitness level is, these Dvd's are an awesome fitness tool and  a ton of fun. They are great for anyone having a hard time getting motivated or short on time. Once the Dvd is in and the music starts to play, it's like there's no stopping the urge to dance.One thing I didn't mention above is the AWESOME testimonies the trainers share on the Dvd telling a little bit about themselves and why they are so excited about these Dvds.  Motivation will not be lacking and with each workout only being 10 minutes, time won't be an issue. I highly recommend checking out the videos and also their website.
Right now you can get the Dvd's for $29.99 for both at  http://www.shazzyfitness.com/products/2-dvd-package . This is a great deal and very worth the money!

To learn more, you can visit: http://shazzyfitness.com or http://www.shazzyfitness.com/pages/dance-workout
I highly recommend  (I know I keep saying it-but I do!) you take a look and purchase this awesome workout-it will be that extra lift in your day/week and it really does get the blood & sweat flowing.

Stay fit and God bless!